A trending phenomenon: Creating Animated text

In this high tech world, the most obvious choice for the business to improve their online presence is to market great content. The content should engage your audience in a way that they are forced to share it with others. As more and more people have access online, animation is the future. In presentation, animated text gives you the liberty to control the flow of information and to increase the viewer’s interest.

The very first advantage that you get by using text animations is that it’s more engaging. It is a scientifically proven fact that you can retain more information by integrating pleasant visual elements rather than plain text. The use of visualization over internet has increased by 9900% since 2007.

Use of animated text has also proved to be of great benefit for medical studies. In one study patients were randomized to receive identical risk/benefit information regarding taking statins that was presented in 1 of 4 different animated formats: text/numbers, pie chart, bar graph, and pictograph. Specifically, subjects favored pictographs (32.0%) and bar graphs (31.0%) over pie charts (19.5%) and text (17.5%).

This has become one of the best modes of communication between departments internally and with the audience. It is very easy to create animated text. You just need a power point and you are ready to go. With just few clicks you are able to convey a potentially complicated message in an interesting way. Your boss is happy, the clients are happy resulting in your satisfaction. The times have changed and the use of paper is becoming an obsolete concept. One must develop the skills to convey its message in alternate ways.

Using animation allows to slide the scales and bend the laws of nature. This brings out the creativity in people. Often, the most creative of people don’t even know this side of theirs. They spend their whole life trying to find out their purpose. This taps different subordinated regions in your brain, letting you think out of the box.

Animated text is more appealing and memorizing for the audience. It has been observed that viewers retain 58% more information when they just view images among text. It has to be made sure that animation is done right or it can result in blunders that you would not want to make. In this technology oriented world you need to be alert and responsive to growing needs.