Create a Company Logo Online Using the Four P’s of Marketing

The way your favorite blend of coffee can ensure a good morning, the perfect mix of marketing used to create a company logo online will guarantee you success with your target market. So what are the four Ps of marketing? They are the components that can help your logo gain success in a marketing campaign. Product, Place, Pricing and Promotion can all be used to make sure you have a winning strategy.


The starting point is to figure out which product you are going to be marketing through your logo and what are you trying to sell to your customers. Some other things which are included in that are the brand name you go with, the company image, services, and value. The logo you design for your client should reflect all these factors in a direct or indirect way.

An example is of Godiva chocolate bar. Their brand name is so well recognized and respected that they have the option to charge more than Hershey’s. People do not just choose specific brands or companies because of the benefits they offer but because of what they mean to us and that is why offering customer’s value through the product is important.


When you create a company logo online, you need to answer a few simple questions:

· Who are your potential customers?

· What do they buy?

· Where do they buy?

· When do they buy?

· How do they buy?

Keeping these questions in mind, design and market your logo accordingly. For instance, if you are making a logo for a beverage industry which manufactures drinks, you wouldn’t want to make the logo look too flashy or too dull. The location you initially pick to market your logo does not have to be constant and it usually takes some time to see where you fit better.


Some ways of bringing your logo to your customer’s attention include

· Advertising

· Public Relations

· Personal Selling

· Sales Promotion

You sometimes need to start small and then gradually grow with your promotional efforts when you create a company logo online. Stay flexible and experiment with new designs and layouts.


When you are determining how much you should price your clients for your logo keep these factors in mind:

· How much are your competitors charging

· How much time do you normally invest in making one logo

· What is the value of your logo in the market

Keeping these four terminologies in the perfect blend can help you create a company logo online that is better than the rest.

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