How important are the Colors While Creating an Agriculture Logo?

When you think of an agriculture logo the color green instantly comes to your mind. The color green truly personifies naturally grown foods, hence lots of companies use that color in their logo.

The perception of a color used in a logo is important as it helps consumers recognize a brand and create a brand identity. The industry needs a color that helps them give a positive yet an identifiable image and green appears to be that color. When we think of the color green, we think of grass, trees, farms, nature and environment. An agriculture logo represents the company and gives the consumers an insight of the values and mission of the firm, hence green is used to create and ingrain a positive image of the company.

With the expansion of social media and digital world, consumers have become more aware of the unethical methods used in commercial farming, documentaries such as Food Inc. have brought the limelight on the industry’s flaws and companies have started to rebrand in order to change their image.

The color green represents growth and induces a feeling of healing and soothing. It’s the color of a healthy vegetable, so instantly you think of health and nature. It’s also associated with money and wealth so an agriculture logo might have green to personify the rich farming and manufacturing culture.

Most importantly, the color green conveys to your consumers that your company is environmentally friendly. Consumers want to make sure that they are buying from a company that has corporate social responsibility prioritized in their mission and values. A lot of consumers are shifting towards organic foods and agriculture industry is making sure their consumers know about the quality of produce and the methods used in production have no extra chemicals.

Agriculture industry is constantly under scrutiny and the color green is being used to give a fresh and relevant look, thus green in an agriculture logo seems to be the choice of color for many companies in order to maintain a certain image whether you’re in maintenance industry, food and beverages and hygiene products they all use the color green to create a more positive image.

The green movement, in general, is on the rise as more governments are pushing for modifications in each industry including the agriculture one. Stricter rules are being applied to these industries in order to improve the quality of goods and services hence the color green will play an important role in the integrated marketing plan for a company.