“This doesn’t seem good enough”

“Where should I start from?”

“Dear Brain, have some shots and let your creative juices flowing… Pretty please? ”

“Why can’t I think of anything good?”

“Arggghh….This sucks”

Sounds familiar? Of course, we have all gone through these frustrating moments. Such are the moments when the brain gives up on our creativity and decides to be a grumpy, thoughtless piece of meat. However, little do we know that getting angry on our brain is not the ultimate solution of beating the creativity block.

As a designer, you might face several moments during crafting a creative logo design where you will be deadly stuck. Here’s how to kick out the creativity block and continue with your awesomeness.

Stop getting Angry

It’s okay to be a little less productive. You are not an idea generation machine that has to work 24/7. You have to give yourself a break and let your emotional flow hit the floor.

Frustration will only increase the current blockage and might even lead to panic attacks. Munch on your favorite chocolate, gulp down an entire tub of ice-cream, watch a movie or simply cuddle in your bed with your PJs on. And remember: THIS SHALL PASS.


The best way to keep channeling your heartfelt creativity is to explore. Explore the emotions, people, and places around you. Discover something new. Talk to strangers, browse through random bookstores, travel to new places. Often, the best of ideas for a creative logo design come from unexpected places, so, never stop exploring.


“What if trying something new fails?”

So what? You always have time to clear up the mess, and at the end of the day you always learn something new. Listen to your gut feeling and give it a whirl. May be you can land on a super creative logo design.

It’s always good to experiment. Never let the “what if” factor stop you from doing something new. Experimenting with new colors, new emotions and new graphics should never be discouraged. This is how trends are made.

Always Carry Notebook and Pen

Creativity strikes at the most inconvenient moments, so always have a backup ready. Ideas can sneak down your brain when you’re in grocery store, walking down the road or simply during a nice warm bath. So keep your note book handy to ink down the idea for a creative logo design before it sneakily hides inside your creativity block.