Letterform V/S Symbolic Business Logo Design- Which One Should Be Your Go-To Option

A logo is your stamp on this world, a visual representation that can, in a second, reveal to your clientele the authentic spirit of the brand. In short, your business logo design is the proverbial tip of the brand iceberg, a tiny but revelatory manifestation of what lies beneath the exterior.

Characterized by archetypal and symbolic imagery, the logo is supposed to be stimulated by insights garnered from your brand strategy. Eventually, a successful logo design executes the strategy of its brand through design. We have analyzed two of the most popular logo types you can use for your new business logo design.

Letterform Logos:

The letterform logos feature a single letter to represent the essence of the brand. Letterform is all about embracing the idea that less is more and simplicity. Because letterforms do not compose a coherent word or an entire message, it is imperative that they should be characterized by significance and a bold personality.

Some of the successful letterform logos include Yahoo’s with the letter ‘Y’ denoting the company name. Even though successful brand letterform logos unconsciously and almost automatically evoke the complete company name, for comparatively newer businesses using the letterform would be an issue, as the name and idea behind the brand might remain unclear to some customers.

The major advantage of using a letterform business logo design is the scalability that this logo design comes with. Due to the fact that they include minimal elements, these logos can effectively be used for various purposes such as application icons, social media, visiting cards etc.

Symbolic Logos:

Symbolic logos or conceptual logos, as they are often known as, bank on the immense power of imagination to connote the main tenants of the brands they are representing. A symbolic business logo design is perceived unconsciously. It plays with subliminal messages to stand out.

Symbolic logo designs are simple yet significant in nature. However, when it comes to the branding of a symbolic logo, a simple logo design is harder to execute because of its effortless nature. Since they are equivocal by nature, symbolic logos are particularly useful for technological, service-based, and multi-divisional brands.

The biggest factor to consider whilst deciding to move forward with a symbolic logo is the image you’re going to choose. This image will stick with your brand for a lifetime. You should also consider the broader insinuations of the symbol you choose.

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