New Company Logo Launched for Waymo — Google’s Self Driving Car Company

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Dec 21, 2016 · 3 min read

Seven years ago, Google Started its self-driving car project which today has transformed into a proper company named Waymo. At a public conference in San Francisco, the new company logo of Waymo was unveiled resulting in a positive signal for the targeted audiences that they would soon have self-driven vehicles available at their disposal within the next few years.

Waymo, will operate as an independent business unit under Alphabet, the parent company of Google. Initially branded under the company name of Google, the heads of the organization decided to spin off the concept and rebrand it as ‘Waymo’ along with a new company logo.

The purpose of re-branding and rolling out the new company logo and the name is to project to the targeted audiences that the vehicle will ‘make it safe for our customers, especially disabled persons to safely move around’.

Upon unveiling the new name and the new company logo, John Krafcik, Former Head of Hyundai and now the Chief Executive of Waymo said “by brining self driving vehicles to the roads, we believe that this project will reshape the commute of ten trillion miles which automobiles make each year across the globe. Also, Waymo will serve as a much more efficient and a safer form of transport”.

Upon unveiling the new company logo for Waymo during the press conference in San Francisco, Krafcik further added that “the logo represents the new and innovative path ahead in mobility with the vision of making road transportation safer and easier for the future users of self driven cars. Within the long term, we can see a positive use of the technology we have developed being used in logistics, ridesharing, personal vehicles and solving other issues related to public transport. The use of this self-driving technology is yet to realize its true potential as the world cannot imagine the endless possibilities associated with such means of transport which will also boost services, jobs and products globally”.

Waymo conducted a test trial twice of its self driven vehicle in Austin, Texas last year. The vehicle had no steering wheel and no pedals. For this first trial test, Steve Mahan, a legally blind individual opted to be part of this experiment. During the trial, Mahan was escorted and accompanied by officials from the Texas Police Department to ensure that there was no physical harm to the general public on the roads. During the second and the last trial, Mahan rode solo in the vehicle which made its way successfully around the general public, narrow streets, pedestrians and also negotiated four-way stops.

Besides the self driving car, the team of engineers at Alphabet also experimented on a self driving truck called ‘Otto’. However, this year, Alphabet lost three of its key head executives who decided to part ways and left the organization under enormous pressure to put deliver its impressive technology on the roads as soon as possible.

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