Style Guide 2017 on Web Branding: Creating a Custom Logo Design for a Unique Web Presence

It is good to see how active and responsive people are on web while opinionating on critical issues and style trends in the graphic industry. This is especially true when it comes to web branding and creating a custom logo design, as this is the medium for masses now.

To be honest, we could relate this to fashion industries as these styles are taken in a repetitive manner — they are adaptable with new elements.

So, let me just go through with the styles for website logo trends that are in-demand and appreciated in year 2017.

Style in One Line

Among various witty and trendy logos the simplest of all is created with a single line. It challenges the cognitive skills of the designer and highlights the artistic way of looking at things around us.

Added Sophistication by Negative Space

gative space in logos was initially introduced by George Bokhua. It is now taken up as a style statement by many renowned brand stylists while creating a custom logo design for websites. Logos with solid colored negative space adds sophistication to the brand look on web pages.

Overlapping Technique in Logotypes

An emerging technique of overlapping strong outlines or objects is also promoted nowadays. Such overlapping is created either with slants, drop shadows or objects thus creating a custom logo design with a difference.

Dynamics of Gradient Offset

ow that’s what I call an artistic way of presenting ideas on a canvas. This gives a brilliant look of spilled and splashed colors creating a lively appeal. Balancing and color off setting techniques in creating a custom logo design is commonly practiced to come up with innovative and outstanding results.

Made up Initials using Objects

A great way to incorporate a company’s specialization and/or industry into the logo concept is to use objects, icons or elements in it. This definite impression of the logo design is highly suggested by professional logo agencies.

Closed icons, an impression of longevity

Logo designs comprising of completely closed figures or symbols tend to give a more sophisticated and memorable look. It depicts infinity and leads to a more credible outlook of a brand on web by creating a message of persistence in your audience’s mind.