The Importance of Logo Design for Branding

You can look at any big brand around the globe. They all have a company logo that can be simply identified. Each time you look into the company or their products, you can observe that the logo design flawlessly depicts the company’s name, brand and purpose. It’s the first and most important visual representation of the company and what it stands for. Choosing an appropriate company logo is one of the most crucial aspects of starting a business, as all your potential customers and clients are going to get your first impression through your logo. The brand recognition of any company depends a lot on the logo.

Simple logos are preferable so that they can serve their primary purpose across all mediums. It should be adaptive and must stand out wherever it’s placed i.e website, App, Facebook, newspapers, billboards, etc. For example McDonald’s logo is globally recognized just because of its Golden Arches. Apple is another example with their strong global brand acknowledgement, by using just an apple as a primary brand symbol. Nike is another brand whose logo has received tremendous acknowledgement and recognition globally.

Once a logo is finalized it gets applied to many different applications. Logos plays an important role while making a brand identity. One should also try making logos for all the sub brands of the company. Every product line should have its specific logo. The most effective way to get a sub brand logo is to tweak the original company logo thus making it prominently different, however still embodies the company’s branded logo, and steady with the rest of the brand identity. For example Virgin had a quite variety of sub brands and as you can see they all are different yet derived from the basic logo design of the company. Red color and typical Virgin script style is consistent in all the sub brand logos of the Richard Branson’s empire.

As it’s evident, logo design is much more than the simple symbols. They are the image carrier of the company. The most successful companies emphasize their branding around their logos. Logos must be memorable and should build loyalty between business and customers. Moreover, they must connect to customers on a deeper level to instigate brand loyalty. For that to happen, you must research your audience well and connect it with your branding goals.

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