You Must Ask These 7 Essential Question When Making Company Logos

Most of the startup entrepreneurs and small business owners prefer logo of their organizations to be as per their choices and idea inspiration. When making a custom logo design, a designer must be clear about what its client exactly wants in the logo. Lack of clarity regarding customer opinions may hinder you in delivering a satisfactory design. Mentioned below are seven important questions that you must ask your client prior creating their business identity:

1. How would you describe your organization in 15 words?

Though you like your design, if it doesn’t reflect your client’s company business, it won’t work. Getting a concise yet clear description regarding the business will help you come up with better company logos.

2. Who is your target audience?

Company logos created for children’ brands will most likely feature cartoon symbols and rainbow colors. If your target audience is pregnant women, a logo featuring the symbol of a pregnant lady will serve your business. Therefore, know the target market, and draw the logo accordingly.

3. What is your organization’s field of business?

To know the nature and field of business of an organization is crucial when designing a logo. Sports logos usually feature bold typography with large font size and vibrant colors exhibiting the sense of activeness and motion, for example, PUMA and Nike’s logo. Business logos that present the features of flight and mobility often stand for businesses dealing with transportation and movement, such as American Airlines and FedEx. Therefore, design an identity keeping in mind its field of business.

4. Why do you think your logo needs redesigning?

If your client seeks a change in its existing business design or requires an entirely new logo for its established business, then know the reason behind it. The client may have asked for the redesign to meet technological trends, merger, or expansion in business, etc.

5. What distinguishes your company from your competitors?

Distinct features of your client’s business will help you come up with a unique design which is an essential element of a robust identity.

6. Who are your major competitors?

Familiarizing yourself with the client’s main competitors will make your research easy and effective. It will help you get some designing inspiration from their company logos, but keep the client’s design different from theirs.

7. What designs you like and dislike?

Knowing the preferences and taking a keen interest in your client’s likes and dislikes will help you understand its needs and desires, and come up with relevant ideas and designs that would appeal to your client.