5 Ways Custom Whiteboard Animation Videos can be used for businesses


You must be quite familiar with several animation service and its sudden rise that has occurred over the past decade. Most of you who are new to the concept often want to know, what use you can make of video scribing for their branding, and to be more specific in this regard there are limited types available in the domain. So let’s just go through five strong ways in which custom whiteboard Animation videos can be used for your business.

Front page

Custom Whiteboard Animation Videos are great for telling a story about how your product or service fits into your customer’s life and improves their experience. Therefore, this can be an introduction to your company, a short explanation of your business process etc.

Process Diving

Whiteboard animation videos are perfect for indulging the users on your webpage who might dive a little deeper to find specific info about the product or service, process, or service explanation. Because they watch the first video and then click through, damn these are interested buyers of your business. You can create your own animated video for 2–5 minutes of details here. White board animation videos serves a great purpose if done well and can make even the most intricate information easy to ingest.


Now sometimes your goal maybe to look out for more share power.For this purpose you could use information that is highly valuable for the customers i.e. “insider” market trends, tricks of the trade, or timely reports in your custom whiteboard animation video.

InfoMotion Graphics

Another popular and highly shareable piece of media is the infographic, now this a white board animation that highlights the information about a topic and visualizes a side-by-side comparison of statistics and graphs.

E-Training Library

Well if you have an online Learning database of video and other media that’s super great. But create your own whiteboard video to deliver lessons or scenario-based stories on topics ranging from employee policies around the office to the global scenarios on policies and procedures in different organizations.

What do you think? Would you be interested to create your own custom animated? What are your favorite tools? Do you have any video tips? Please share your thoughts and feedback on this.