Importance of Website Planning & Design:

Building a website always need proper planning. It’s important to execute time in ratio. One should not start hammering nails on campaigns in order to save their time. There is a need of mind mapping i.e. two third time should be dedicated for planning of the project and one third time for execution. On the other end, they don’t fathom that this can save them from the upcoming obstacles which they can’t foresee at this time. This is the best chance to stop wasting money in long run.

Creation of design document is decisive because this will set your clear goals i.e. what you want? Not only that, it will make it easier whom and how to communicate on the website? It is called as a ‘best practice’ to create a navigation for web viewers i.e. ensure the visitor is properly leaded to his desired destination while browsing on your website.

If we talk about the blue print drawing than it is an easy solution to draw your website structure. Although it is a time consuming process but It is important that it should include maximum information in it. One should plan each stage. For example, from the main information page to the contact us page. All of them should be flushed out in details so that the Web Design Company London can simply plug in information while designing and developing the website.

Coming towards the segments of a website. There are three basic segments in which a website blue print is divided. i.e.

a) Architecture: It is somewhat similar to the body’s bone structure. It will be the primitive element to cultivate the overall shape of the website.

b) Content: It’s like internal organs i.e. in short words ‘heart of website’

c) Design: The third basic part is paramount for the outward appearance of website i.e. it is similar like the skin of human body.

All of these parts are having their own worth. If any one of them is missing, then definitely there will be a flaw in the functionality of website. These should be flushed out properly.

Every website has an information architecture. There are five key elements involved in designing a successful website.

1st: Always draw a line and determine what are you trying to accomplish i.e. mention your goals.

2nd: Make yourself clear about your audience.

3rd: Find out your call-to-action. For example; if a visitor comes on your website then what will be the areas of interests you will create for them so that they can stay on your website for a longer time.

4th: Navigation should always be easy.

5th: You will need keywords in order to rank your website better in search engines.

Lastly, you should always create a design/theme of your website in such a way that you can convey proper message to the audience and E-commerce Web Design Company London. For example, if your website is related with garden and flowers then definitely it should not have image of shoe or content related with shoe on your website. Design of a website is always a critical component. This will reflect the theme of your website and will be the cause of success or failure of your website. You should try to make it cohesive and interesting for the dig deeper visitors and Web Design Services in London.