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The House that Jack Built is one of the most controversial films to come out in 2019. It’s also one of the most thought provoking films that raises a number of unanswered philosophical questions regarding the nature of art, the beauty of death, the randomness of the universe, and it serves as an exploration for the filmmaker himself, Lars von Trier.

The film stars Matt Dillon in the role of a serial killer named Jack, but with one key distinction — Jack has the soul of an artist: he’s an engineer with aspirations of becoming a great architect, he dreams…

Part of Romania’s history was written in the center of Bucharest, not far from the Royal Palace. It was here where literary careers have been established, ministers changed, and disputes have been resolved, not always by peaceful means. Casa Capsa (Capsa House) on Victory Avenue has been one of the “queens” of Little Paris for over 100 years. What was discussed in its salons was so important that King Carol II was asked to shut it down. He didn’t, but the years have made Casa Capsa lose its prestige and importance. Now, only its stories remain…

Established in the middle…

German Expressionist Cinema in the 1920’s

Robert Wiene, Stills for The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1919). Gelatin silver print, sold at Christie’s New York.

In a 1920s Germany where the wind of defeat blows freely, beautifully equipped film studios, unrivalled in Europe, are being built. The triumphs of great Italian films assembly were still recent, and the founders suggested such models to directors. The film directing industry made Germany, declining Italy’s successor. There were useful lessons drawn from the great stage director Max Reinhardt’s colossal scenes, which revolutionized theatre before the war. His student, Ernst Lubitsch brought on the screen one of his greatest successes: the oriental pantomime Sumurum. Highly praised by contemporary critics, it was described as…

Every year, the remaining survivors of Second World War disappear along with their memories of terrors and triumphs. Not even now, in their final years, could they forget the horrors of the front line.

Most of these veterans refuse to grasp their heroism. For them, it was a natural act, of which they talk about to the benefit of the next generations. But who else has time nowadays to listen? Who can take into account the physical and emotional pain of an elderly person?

Nowadays, the few surviving veterans are worn out from the years passing over them, but still…

Courtesy of Claridge’s

It’s a Sunday morning in late October. Most windows are still closed because it’s too early to face the world and breakfast always tastes better after 9am. Now it’s only 7 and the world is still quiet while so many people are still naked under the sheets.

Hello Madam, says the taxi driver, where to?

Claridge’s, I say, wishing he could drive me nowhere in particular, but far away from all the noise in the city.

Claridge’s, where the lobby smells of lilies of no particular valley, just lilies and people pose as happy, where every polished corner is filled…

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