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However you view this situation, people are missing out on vital life saving information as the curtain descends on any health treatments that don’t profit a certain segment of society.

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“Robert Kennedy Jr. — “The CDC Owns 20+ Vaccine Patents”

One out of every six children has a neuro-developmental disorder according to the CDC” — RFK Jr.

RFK Jr doesn’t even have any family or friends with developmental disorders or neurological disorders problems. And yet here he is, fighting for the health of all our children.

The great RFK Jr used to give talks about mercury emissions from power plants. At the end of nearly every talk, he had women coming to talk to him, telling him that if he was interested in mercury poisoning problems, then he should look at the mercury in vaccines. He met a woman named Sarah Bridges with a son named Porter. Sarah had spent 8 years in a vaccine court due to Porter’s injuries, where she was finally awarded many millions of dollars. “She showed me some of the science,” says RFK Jr.

We all owe Sarah a huge thank you for giving him the final nudge to come fight for the health and lives of our children.

The CDC Patent Ownership Debacle

You could be forgiven for thinking that the CDC is above being bought, after all, they are looking after the health of you and your children, right? With recent reports of cover-ups, unethical behavior and non-transparency, the ethics of the CDC have been called into question.

Ginger Taylor of had Mark Blaxill (one of her partners in advocacy) help her to expose the list of vaccine patents owners, including some 23 held by the CDC. It was long rumored, but now the facts have been revealed. He ran the patent search (can be viewed in the references section below)

There is something sneaky and sinister about the fact that a government regulatory body that is charged with protection our health is taking money from the very companies they are supposed to protect us from. Now how do we discern what is safe from what is not?

How can we now put our faith in government bodies, when it seems we can’t trust them to do the right thing when it comes to the most important thing in life; health?

With nearly 300 vaccines in development, what’s next for the vaccine industry and the CDC?

The sincere hope of all vaccine injured children and their parents is that one day soon, the CDC will be held accountable and that we finally get some unbiased and honest scientific research on the table.

What Can You Do To Protect Your Family?

Firstly, avoid any vaccines with toxins in them. Ask for the inserts. It’s your right as a human being and a parent, to demand to know what’s in those syringes they are injecting into you and your children.

If you don’t like what you see in there, find out more. Go back and ask the doctor about any ingredients that you don’t understand. Keep asking questions until you are satisfied with the answers OR you realize that all vaccines contain a toxic chemical cocktail.

It’s your right to know. Knowledge is power!

Some More Quotes From RFK Jr

“I’ve happily endured” the risks associated with shining light on this subject because he wants to save our children from the “greedy, greedy bullies.”

“God gave these children a brain. God gave them the ability to think, to read, to reason, to interact with their peers, to laugh, to enjoy their lives and these companies are stealing that from them.”

“…The force I’m up against has been the force that has been able to compromise every major institution in our democracy. And the people that stand up against them get crushed. But, I know how to fight them.”

“I’ve spent a lifetime fighting these bullies. People that think they can get away with anything including destroying the lives of our children. And I’m not going to let them do that. I’m going to fight until the last day of my life, with my last bit of energy I have. To make sure we get justice for these children.”

“We deserve good regulators, we deserve good science, we deserve healthy children, and that’s what I’m going to fight for. I promise you that nobody is going to fight harder for this or more effectively that I’m going to”

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