So your entire argument is that because Tarcau made a bogus disclaimer, a superficial packaging…
Jamie Wrate

Did you record the ENTIRE speech including his very detailed beginnings regarding why it was not appropriate for outside the group? if you didn’t it meant you completely left your audience without the speakers stated “intention” to NOT denigrate women but merely to make men feel good about themselves. And if you did it meant you had already made the decision to not respect your agreement not to record or take the speech outside of the group. Either way its repugnant. SO don’t treat me like an idiot. It all makes sense to me now your dogmatic stupid line of questioning because you knew you wanted to make yourself look good as you planned to release this.

I don’t take offence at any of the women who have made accusations. I have zero information and no ability to “choose a side” — same as you by the way — because this is all “he said she said”. I take offence at you for you wading in like you have something valuable to add when all you’ve done is take pieces of a speech and use them against the speaker when your “conclusions” were not his intention, which he clearly stated, because no doubt, tons of idiots like you have also misinterepreted his comments.

I coud give two shits about your “supporters” — a bunch of liberal Agama haters that are shocked that sex actually may have taken place between teachers and students. Grow up. It’s a tantra school. If it is non consensual that’s another story. But using his speech as some way of saying “look look its more proof he was a misogynist and rapist” — your way of trying to jump on the bandwagon — is disgusting if you think you call yourself a journalist

You didn’t choose the truth — you have no fking idea — so don’t call it the truth — its “your truth”. I have no idea either by the way — I wasn’t there — neither were you — and thats why you should have stayed well out of it.

“Bring it on?”. Be careful what you wish for. I have no interest in arguing this further with you online — you have zero character and no spine — and whatever men’s group you belong to and arrogantly suggest I find, I have zero interest in if it creates “men” like you. I’m not holding my breath waiting for any admission of responsibility. But if I ever run into you again, I’d be happy to “bring it on”