So some magical “stated intention” made everything OK?
Jamie Wrate

Yes I do think think that if someone says “I’m making these statements in an extreme way to make a point and that it’s not how every day life works” then that’s is enough for me to take the comments as directional and general and not meant to be taken literally

My memory was he made several points about women having the ability to endure pain, as well as making clear they were equally intellient and capable as men — but his point was general — and I already said it — “there are many things that women are better at men at, but I’m not here to talk about that”. And Read the rest of my replies — I make enough points to suppport my argument — if you can’t see it I’m not wasting my breath telling you again.

Yes you did start recording leaving out his critical disclaimers — shame of you. In fact shame on this whole episode — ANY person if they know they are “on record” say it differently to “off record”. You not letting him know he was being recorded is disgusting — but continue to ignore that choice little fact — completely disingenuous

Yes you were dogmatic and insufferable when you wouldnt leave alone a tiny pont in his whole speech about men in prison — which by the way I agreed with you on — men are not in prison because the laws are against men as he said — it is because men are laced with testosterone and more likely to kill themseles or others — and in the modern world end up in prison — its called evolution and what we were made for. But that was a tiny point and irelevant to his main message — but you wouldn’t leave it alone

And yes I am not willing to communicate with you further — you’re a classic liberal who I’m wasting my breath on because unless you love living in an echo chamber of friends and opinions and that only supports your views

You want an intellectual debate? thats funny. Tell me how this speech proves he is a rapist as you suggets strongly — “in light of current events, trust has been broken, which gives me the right to publish this”.

Take the “bring it on” comment however you like — that came from you. And say what you like about me because I will be doing the same