Pigment, One of Year’s Best Apps on the App Store, Now Available on Android

4 min readDec 16, 2016

Last week, Apple named Pigment — Coloring Book for Adults one of the ten best iPad apps of 2016. To give you some perspective, over 300,000 new apps were added to the App Store this year alone. Today, we at Pixite have another big piece of news — Pigment Android 1.0 is now available on Google Play and even more coloring book enthusiasts will be able to enjoy the best digital coloring book experience out there.

Our unique approach to digital coloring books is rooted in our mission to serve the everyday artist. We believe that we all have creativity (and probably some stress, too) bottled up inside that needs letting out — we just need the right tools to do it. That’s why when we created Pigment, we didn’t just want another tap-to-color experience that so many apps were doing and focused on making coloring as real as possible on phones and tablets.


In order to make that happen, we offer eight kinds of specialized coloring tools in Pigment— colored pencil, marker, paint brush, fill, airbrush, circle brush, fade (linear gradient), and bloom (radial gradient). Each of the tools have been carefully crafted to give you the most realistic output, which you can then use to create beautifully custom artwork. We’re working everyday to providing even more tools to push your creativity.

Often, color selection is a big challenge for people when taking on a coloring project. Pigment’s innovative approach combines the simplicity of curated colors and the freedom of selecting endless color variations. Pigment begins with 34 hand-selected palettes of nine colors, which is a great starting point for anyone. Artists are then able to fine-tune the color they have selected using Pigment’s color shade controller, which lightens and darkens the color without making them clash with others. Not only does the shade controller save time, it lets the artist choose from an unlimited number of colors in the most intuitive way possible.


In the last year, we’ve collected over 1,300 of the best designs from illustrators around the world, and the collection keeps growing as we add an average of 35 new illustrations a week. Listening to our customers and providing the content they want to see is one of our top priorities.

Empowering the everyday Pigment artist with wonderful tools and content are important, but we’re equally striving to empower the talented creators of the illustrations that become the final pages in Pigment. We’re currently working with 16 independent illustrators worldwide and we’re not stopping there. It’s our vision to generate a huge cycle of creativity where great independent artworks are colored by great Pigment colorists, which then spawns even more artworks as they are shared.

Premium Access

Pigment is a free download on Google Play with an in-app subscription service called Premium Access, which makes available premium content and color palettes. Premium Access is geared to those who want to maximize their coloring experience and is priced at $7.99 (USD) per month or $39.99 (USD) per year. We also provide a 7-day free trial for those who want to try everything Pigment has to offer but are not yet ready to commit.


  • Pigment simulates pencil and brush strokes for the most realistic coloring experience
  • 8 kinds of coloring tools — colored pencil, marker, paint brush, fill, airbrush, circle brush, linear gradient, and radial gradient.
  • Tap-to-color (fill) is available
  • Supports finger and stylus input
  • Over 1,000 professionally illustrated works to color with daily and weekly updates with Premium Access subscription (over 300 illustrations to color for free)
  • 34 professionally curated color palettes with Premium Access subscription (27 color palettes for free)
  • Unlimited number of colors using the innovative shade controller

App Details

  • Supports all Android KitKat 4.4 devices
  • Free universal app with optional in-app Premium Access subscription
  • Google Play Store

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