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A Simple Short Guide About WordPress For Newbies

WordPress had its humble beginnings in the early 2000’s when it started out as a bit of code meant to enhance the experience of daily typing on computers. Since then it grew to become a tool for blogging and creating websites for everyone around the world.

It is an open source product meant to satisfy the needs of bloggers as well as used as a content management system.

Nowadays it developed itself to become the most popular blogging system used for millions of websites with great success. Part of its features includes plugin architecture and the use of theme templates as well as giving you the ability to create themes.

WordPress has two default themes for the users to try out

If these WordPress themes aren’t to your liking and you are looking for something else to suit your tastes, then you can access a themes directory that is available with literally thousands of themes so you can customize your website as much as possible. If still unsatisfied…you can also check my website and hand-picked collection of the best premium WordPress themes where I think you’ll find quality designs to fit for your WP site, otherwise create your own theme and upload it to the directory in order to share it with others.

WordPress themes allow the user to alter the look, and characteristics of the website and these themes can be installed or changed without actually causing any problems to the content on the site. To be noted is that a WordPress website requires at least one theme in order to function accordingly. By using the administration tools, WordPress themes can be installed or uploaded through the fire transfer protocol (FTP). Themes can be further customized and altered to perfectly suit your requirements by editing the code within the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and the cascading style sheets (CSS).

WordPress themes are set into two categories; free themes and premium themes, depending on the user’s needs and choices. If the user has the knowledge, he or she may create their own specific themes.

Putting themes aside, WordPress offers tens of thousands of ways to further customize and modify your website. These are known as WordPress plugins, and each one of them offers unique customization's to the user’s website. Plugins bring custom features regarding search engine optimization (SEO) or even client portals, which are used to display certain features for users that are logged in on your website. There is, however, a problem that needs paying attention. WordPress plugins can be out of date, and this can cause them to work in a faulty manner, or even not work at all.

What makes WordPress loved by amateurs and professionals alike is the fact that it is highly customization, open source, and if you have the skills and knowledge there is no limit when creating your website. WordPress is used in over 20% of the most popular websites out there, and the reasons are more than obvious. It is a nice platform to use free, stable and offers endless customization to fit your every need.

Good Luck!

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