OneTeamGov Breakfast in Leeds — planning for the future — join us

On Tuesday I reflected on the breakfasts which we started a year ago. Today I met with Lisa Jeffery and Saul Cozens to discuss what we need to do next.

We will continue the conversation openly on the #leeds-breakfast channel on the OneTeamGov Slack workgroup. Join us there and join us for a future conversation if you would like to.

Saul took some great notes and we agreed some actions to support the event and make sure that it continues to support the fabulous conversations that we have been having to date.

Sharon, Lisa and I caught up over a coffee this morning to talk about how we could make the Leeds OneTeamBreakfast (and other stuff) even better. I wanted to publish my notes on that chat for 2 reasons:
to make sure that this is a transparent process
to show that this is something that is open to input from all — whether joining in the conversation/coffee or just provided feedback to help improve.
We talked about:
Venue — the council’s kind provision of a meeting room has been instrumental in getting engagement from people that other OTG groups find it harder to attract. We didn’t want to lose that so, but several people had expressed that a location nearer to the train station would be more convenient. We concluded that we want to make sure that our venue is:
consistent — let’s avoid moving from place to place so people get confused about where we are
appropriate — it seems like a good idea for it to be hosted in a public sector building rather than take advantage of offers from commercial companies.
We resolved to see if we can extend our stay at Merrion House until the Government Digital Service (GDS) Academy opens in Platform.
* Lisa took this action — Lisa has identified that the system that we use to announce where/when OTGLeeds is happening and for people to book attendance is not GDPR compliant. We need to get in contact with the people who provide that platform (for free) to ask them to update it to make it compliant.
* Lisa took this action and Sharon took an action to share an example GDPR policy which we can also use.
We also want to add some links to the invitation including the principles and how the breakfasts work
* Sharon took this action
Facilitation — we discussed how we spread out the facilitation of the breakfast meeting a little more. At the moment it is mostly Sharon, with Lisa and/or Saul stepping in when she’s not around. It is a very tricky thing to do — especially when the conversations are so interesting. We talked about using ‘whispering out loud’ to make it easier for faciltation to be more collaborative between us.
We also discussed introducing:
follow on conversations — suggesting that people interested in a particular topic, continue to chat over a coffee in a nearby cafe so that we can cover more topics and keep more people engaged in the conversation
spending a few minutes at the end of the session to come up with (and claim) actions
* all 3 actioned to change how we facilitate a little
OTG Principles — Saul expressed how pleased he was that the OTGLeeds breakfast discussed real topics rather than just talking about OTG (naval gazing). However, we have not really discussed the OTG principles, which are important. We suggested that we:
create some nice posters of the OTG principles and code of conduct to be put up each week
add the principles and CoC to the list of topics at the next meeting to see if people want to talk about them
* Saul to get posters printed
* Sharon to remember to offer principles and CoC to the topic list next time
OTG website — Sharon said that she has access to the OTG website and so
* Sharon to update the OTGLeeds breakfast details on the OTG website
Attendance — we discussed how it would be nice to visualise who is (re)attending the breakfast meeting. This might cause some GDPR type issues, so needs to be thought about properly.
Topics — on similar lines, we thought it’d be interesting to visualise or create a backlog of the topics that are suggested and those that are discussed. Sharon showed off a fancy iPhone app (post-it plus) that captures post-it notes and turns them into spreadsheets. We agreed to set up a Trello board as a first pass of this.
* Sharon to share previous meeting topic post-it photos
* Saul to create and populate a Trello board
OTGLeeds transparency — we talked about making sure the discussion we were having was open and transparent so
* Saul took the action to write up these notes and distribute them along with a message inviting others to contribute (tick done)
This has also been posted to under #leeds-breakfast — please feel free to feedback here or there.