How to be famous on Behance.

Behance is a Product of Adobe, and Best Social Site to Showcase your Design
  1. First of all, you must have to be creative and prepare your project that -people will really like.
  2. Don’t publish your project when you’d not done.
  3. If you loved a project, design, stuff or anything then appreciate it, you’ll be noticed by designer and maybe you’ll also be appreciated.
  4. The key is to get followers and views on your project is commenting and sharing your opinions about project you seen, everyone loves when people engage with them.
  5. Make attractive and highlighted cover image that must be engaging or wowing, so that people may show your interest.
  6. Your project may contain lists of work, and description about it will help people know and learn about it.
  7. Design Different Every time, challenge yourself and never afraid to try new, your own specialisation come automatically.
  8. Post like a pro designer, Inspire everyone with your post, Make simple and beautiful collection.
  9. Don’t post your all projects in a single day, try to post every day a single project.
  10. Keep updating regularly, and focused on one place, if you have choosen behance , then show you all work only here and promote every where.

That’s it!

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