Pixomatic: How To Make Perfect Cutouts With Fingertips

Made with Pixomatic

Wondering how to make accurate cutouts from an image without spending long time switching between mobile and PC? Well… why not use your fingertips for the fastest and most accurate way of making cutouts from an image and putting them into another image. How? With the help of Pixomatic iOS app that allows even the least tech-savvy persons to make cutouts on images super fast from their mobile devices.

The app has a simple system that identifies what you are going to take out from an image and helps to make a smart cutout along with the possibility to change backgrounds, create double exposure & dynamic coloursplash effects, add shadows or text, apply various filters, etc.

Pixomatic is perfect for creating visual mashups with friends or favourite celebrities and for having fun.

A screenshot from Mark Watson’s YouTube review about Pixomatic app.
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© @dr_murataksoy
© @zah_za

The app is also handy and saves all the time for creating visual content while working on different projects.

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