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Best Loose Leaf Tea: How much loose leaf tea per cup.

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Loose Leaf Black Tea — Bulk Loose Leaf Tea : How much loose leaf tea per cup & Find the Best loose leaf tea with Natural passion. Sources of Bulk Loose Leaf Tea.

Loose Leaf Black Tea — Why Care About It?

What makes the best loose leaf black tea?

You’ve been a tea lover all your life, haven’t you? All those mornings without it had been dull and all those evening snacks had to be accompanied by it.

You didn’t think about it much. Why care now?

Because, You haven’t tasted the best loose leaf tea yet. That’s right. Just like coffee, tea has its intricacies. There are so many different varieties that you still haven’t tasted yet. Heck, your own cup of tea every morning has a different taste. That single type of tea adds different meanings to your mood each day. But what if you taste a type that completely transforms your life?

You know, a sudden jolt of surprise when the flavor hits your taste buds. That is a moment to reckon and that is what the best loose leaf black tea is going to give you straight away after you take that one holy sip. And that, my friend, is what makes a certain loose tea the best. Where to buy loose leaf tea and where does this best tea come from?

Loose Leaf Tea — The best

Of course, there are many producers and exporters of tea in the world. Sri Lanka is one of them. It is not just a beverage in that part of the world, but a way of life — a passion that spans 7 agro-climatic regions in the country to produce export quality tea.

It is from one of those regions that the best loose black leaf tea gets its tea from. Packed right when its fresh leaves are still laden with all their aroma and freshness of a well-maintained tea field, the best loose leaf tea is kept until someone in search of an unforgettable flavor comes to get it.
Like when you go out to buy those things that make who you are.

There’s a name for it — Ceylon Tea

Before Sri Lanka was independent, it was called Ceylon — a British tea heaven where lords and ladies came to taste tea royalty itself.

That legacy continues and buyers from around the world come to these historic places to search for their taste — the one that defines them.

But you don’t have to go there. The very existence of the best loose leaf tea is here for you to enjoy that same taste, aromas, and freshness.

Its handpicked leaves are here to tell the tales of exquisite passion for something so widely available and yet, so little cherished.

And it’s not killing the environment

Ceylon tea is export quality because the Sri Lankan government makes as much as $1.5 billion from it.

Not at the expense of the environment they grow in.Not at the expense of the ozone layer that is there to protect us.

The government has a surefire way of ensuring that. It has partnered with international organizations and conventions that help chalk out a roadmap for a harmless blend of taste, finesse, and most importantly, care for the world you live in.

You could be a part of this preservation, too, all the while taking sips of the best loose leaf tea. All you have to do is hop on the train that takes you to the best loose leaf tea

Here’s to your new journey of care.

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