How to use Spotify in Japan

My favorite music service is spotify

If you are Japanese, you may know that Spotify is not available now.

I found Spotify’s web site unavailable in Japan.

That’s too bad for me. And I inputed my mail address about 2 years ago. I have been waiting for releasing Spotify in Japan. When will Spotify go on release? I cannot wait! So, I searched how to use it as easy as possible in Japan. I’ll introduce the way you make good use of it. My way is one of many way to hack Spotify login. Please keep that in mind. There are only 3 steps in my way.

My environment about computer.

・MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Mid 2014)

・OS X Yosemite (version 10.10.1)

・Browser is Chrome.

1. Install Tunnel bear.

TunnelBear is the VPN application. You can use this application easily even if you don’t know about VPN. And TunnelBear is for free (only little version).

There are three types plan in TunnelBears. But if you access only Spotify, Little plan is better than other plans. At least that’s what I think.

2. Start up TunnelBears

After installing, you need to start up TunnelBears. And then, switch Off to On and choose “United States”. (You need not to upgrade.) If you lack of limited data size, you should share TunnelBears by using Tweet. I’m sure you can get some data size.

3. Log in to Spotify

If you don’t have Spotify account, you need to register Spotify. Then, you try to visit Spotify’s web site. You are supposed to see the right appearance like a below a picture.

Wow, that’s awesome! In addition to this, you can access to Mac application.

I usually use Spotify’s Mac application. This app have a beautiful UI/UX.

Input your account ID and your passward. That’s all.

I hope you enjoy Spotify life ☺

Oops, don’t forget turning TunnelBears off, otherwise you will reach the limit in TunnelBears.

I have a very important notification, please read it until the very end.

If you success procedure, you will soon come to like Spotify. However, this way have a problem that you must pay attention to. The problem is that you sometimes cannot log in to Spotify. (I guess the term is about one month. But I don’t sure.) If you meet the situation, you need to do the above procedure. Don’t forget this! Have a nice music life ☺

Thank you for reading my post.

In my case, No music on Spotify no life. I saw some japanese singers on Spotify.

At last, I share my favorite Japanese artists by using HTTP link that Spotify offered us.