6 Painful Lessons I Learned In My First 2 Years In Business

Raise your hand if you’ve ever forgotten a birthday or an anniversary.

I confess that this year, I let a pretty significant milestone pass by, without acknowledgement: in May 2018, after two and a half years of freelancing, and six months of ‘making sure it was just the right timing’ (spoiler: there’s no such thing), I officially launched PIYA Media, my digital marketing agency.

It seems undisputed among business experts that the first two years in business are always the hardest. In fact, this warning is repeated to new entrepreneurs so often that I’m sure it loses its full impact…

How To Use Social Media To Become An Effective Ally

As a social media marketing agency, we at PIYA Media are passionate about using social media to make a real positive social impact.

With the current widespread backlash — both justified and necessary — following the murder of African American Minnesotan, George Floyd by policeman Derek Chauvin, we believe that it is more necessary than ever to be mindful of how we use social media, and that we choose to use it to be effective allies to the Black community.

We have compiled a list of steps that we can all take to do just that. If you have any…

PIYA Media

The Digital Marketing Agency for diverse representation, in media and business. We work with Entrepreneurs and Creators of Colour, especially Women of Colour.

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