What is web3.storage and how to use web3.storage

Web3.Storage Forum dApp example

Install / Run

Install dependencies: npm install
npm run dev

Setting up MetaMask

Getting play money

App overview


* @notice Represents a single forum post or comment.
struct Item {
/// @notice what kind of item (post or comment)
ItemKind kind;
/// @notice Unique item id, assigned at creation time.
uint256 id;
/// @notice Id of parent item. Posts have parentId == 0.
uint256 parentId;
/// @notice address of author.
address author;
/// @notice block number when item was submitted
uint256 createdAtBlock;
/// @notice ids of all child items, with oldest items at front.
uint256[] childIds;
/// @notice IPFS CID of item content.
string contentCID;





I am blockchain Enthusiast

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Piyush Maheshwari

Piyush Maheshwari

I am blockchain Enthusiast

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