Week1 GSoC 2018 with phpMyAdmin

Sorry for posting the blog this much late. Actually I got stuck in some major problems (errors to be more precise due to some changes) in the code-base so didn’t get enough time to make a blog post.

My major goal for the first two weeks was to transform some of the code-base in the ES6 format but as soon as I started to write the code in ES6 I realised that it is necessary to make some configuration files for webpack and babel so that the trans compiled code can be tested for functionality.

So in the first week I just implemented the basic configuration files for babel and webpack and try to find out what can be the possible new directory structure for js files so that the development and compiled production build files can be placed separately and some find out some basic syntax and standards of ES6 that can be implemented in the revamped code.

Apart from that I was working on this issue in changing the theme raised by me only.

Plans for 2nd week: Understanding the flow of adding js files using php code (existing one) and what changes has to be made for new code and transforming some of the files in ES6.