One Meeting About UX.

While having personal conversation with client; one gentleman from client side asked while we were having formal discussion, why UX helps & why as being an organization we need to invest in UX?

I didn’t thought of answering to 'gentleman' who has initiated this question about UX ; because I happen to meet them to have conversation on my friends reference to assist them on UX for their Mobile App.

But finally I replied gently to Mr. Gentleman stating one small thing is, better UX builds trust in product and makes product more viable.

I didnt replied to impress him but, he was impressed and asked me to update more about basic process on how actually UX will help their product. But finally I was happy to speak because they were more concerned about product.

Finally I realized that it is better to have an answer to the best of knowledge which sells the product and again I replied, the way I discussed with you 'Mr. gentleman' and my reply which have excited you to have deeper conversation on User Experience is actually a better UX process of engagement.

But for product Mr Gentleman we need to study and have clear understanding on product collaboration with user and industry segment, stating this I closed the conversation from my side.

But I got question 1, question 2, question 3 and more; I have tried to address all of their concerns and close conversation on great gesture by receiving a 🍫 chocolate box.

After meet when me and my friend were driving back home, my friend spoke to me who also was part of meeting that what kind of Engagement it was that on certain reply they got so engaged that they had conversation for almost 3 hours.

I just laughed and said I don’t want more engagement at moment by replying to your concern.

It is real story and amazingly all about User Experience, finally I realized that I met new persona today.

Hope you have enjoyed!