Coin – Case Study (Part 2)

By Piyush Anwekar.

Read Introduction(part 1) before you begin……..That’s my previous post

Next Morning at 11:00 AM, Ajay Sitting in his office. Door knocks !!

Ajay "Come in "

Vikram enters in the room and says "Good morning Ajay"

Ajay "Come Sir"

Vikram "Today i want to examine that coin in your laboratory. Please take all reports and photographs to the lab."

Ajay "Ok"

They both reach laboratory with all Reports and Photographs. Vikram start examining that coin and ask Ajay to read the Investigation Reports.

Ajay "It was raining that day , around 11:30PM Ravi left from the office to the home in his car. He usually leaves late around 12:30 AM. But Some of the colleagues told police that, they had some client meeting that night and Ravi lost those client assignments. He works for Abc Groups , India in Sales Department. They have lost big client and he was very frustrated and tensed. The Boss asked him to leave early and take rest. His mobile was dead because of low battery. He was on his way to home when car crashed because of heavy water on the street."

Ajay "Then around 4:15 AM , Police got a call from a newspaper man that he has seen dead body on the street"

Vikram "Ok Why his wife did not tried to reach him"

Ajay "In the wife statement , she had told officers that her husband most of times comes in morning or around 3 AM and his mobile always gets dead because of low battery"

Vikram "What Police said about the murder weapon?"

Ajay "Police in their report said Ravi was killed by a sharp knife. But they do not found any knife there .Killer might have thrown it in gutter of that street.Water was draining on street in gutter because of that Knife might have gone in the river. "

Ajay "Police searched for the knife in gutter of the street and river. They have found 1000s of knife alike but they are not able to figure it out from which murder took place."

Vikram "That’s strange. I don’t know whether to think its a planned murder or just happened "

Someone's comes in the lab and says "Ajay, you coming for lunch"

Vikram says "Yes , I am hungry .." and smiles

They goes in cafeteria and start having their food.

While eating Vikram ask "Do you think If Chandu is not Killer then Killer might have escaped from the gutter route only??"

Ajay "This is the only possibility. Police also stated the same in their report."

They keep on discussing on different things and after having lunch comes to lab.

Vikram looks into the computer to see analysis data and ask "How do you think Wife is a suspect"

Ajay "There are some chance. I have interrogated his wife and found that Ravi used to hit him when he gets angry , she only said this in her statement. Also Ravi’s friend said that he was very short tempered man. But this is not the reason i have doubt in her"

Vikram "Then??"

Ajay "She had an affair with a guy before marriage and they are still good friend and his wife tells each and everything to this friend. We traced the call records , we found they used to talk on weekly basics. "

Ajay "I was investing in this direction but there came nothing as an evidence. At the time of murder she was at home and that guy was in Jabalpur . He lives and works there . They are just in touch on mobile phone"

Vikram "Yeah the theory is interesting but no evidence makes it null. We have motive to kill in this story."

Ajay "But Sir that guy is also married. He has to kill his wife and 2 kids also"

Vikram says "Then we will wait for him to do that." and laughed.

They both left home at 8:00 around in night.

Next Morning at 11:00 AM .

Vikram comes with some reports and says "I have examined it and its just a simple coin"

Ajay laughs...

Vikram "Ajay, you continue with the detailing. I want to analyze more."

Ajay shows the CCTV footage on projector, Chandu Running.

Vikram "Can you see tattered cloak of the Chandu. This might be because Ravi and he had some fight and he killed Ravi and Ran"

Ajay "Sir, That’s the theory police came by and gave in the court also."

Ajay "I will show you one picture"

He shows a picture on projector with a dirty sheet , beneath that sheet having lots of coins , rupee notes and some food items and says "This is the place on the street where Chandu sits and sings whole day to get some money to fill his stomach. He do not ask for money in bowl like other beggar, he just sings and people gives him money for that."

Vikram "But these coins. They justify that he is the killer."

Ajay "Because of this police lost the case against him. They gave the same theory that he had fight with Ravi and killed him and in Ravi’s hand somehow came one coin from this guy Chandu. "

Vikram "Yeah Right !!!"

Ajay "But Why Chandu had only one coin that was found in Ravi’s hand. If they had fight then Chandu must have dropped many coins from his clothes but there were no coins. And you know that Ravi is blind so he would have got failed in recollecting all the coins if dropped on street. Also There were lot of water on the road. Even a person with an eye cannot find coins."

Vikram "This means We don’t have any answer why there was only one coin and could not prove that it belongs to Chandu."

Ajay "Yes Exactly that’s why police lost it."

Ajay "Also Chandu had no criminal background, he is very innocent looking guy, always smiles. There are lot of things favoring him but still my mind do not believe."

Vikram "What about the mental condition of Chandu or any other suspect. Any Psychopath??"

Ajay "We did medical check on everyone involved , they all are mentally fit. Police also traced calls and recorded their telephones, Police had secretly observed all the suspect but found no suspicions behavior or links."

Vikram "This is really complicated"

Ajay starts a video.

Ajay "This is an interrogation video of Chandu and all other suspects, We did with lie detector test. There are around 4000 questions we have asked to all of the suspect .It’s really a long video and everyone came clean"

Vikram "Please I want to see complete video."

Video starts with Chandu saying "Yes i am blind from childhood , my father was beggar and he asked me to beg when i was 4... "

Vikram watching video carefully..

After 3-4 hours In a video Raama comes in the video for interrogation.

Vikram pauses the video and says "You did not told me anything about Raama"

Ajay "He just has some personal grudge with Ravi. They works in the same office. But I found this as a motive to kill , so i have putted him as an one of the suspect in the report. You can see in the video"

Video starts again.....

The discussion and analysis goes for 10 more days and then Vikram's submits his report to Prakash and Ajay.

Report stating nothing about relating evidence coin with suspects, how coin came in Ravi’s hand, Motive of murder, Importance of coin in the murder and lot of questions like these were unexplained. Report was useless like all other reports. Vikram goes out of the case after submitting his report "Coin".

40-50 Days Later at 9:00 AM in the morning.

It’s raining and Vikram in traditional Marathi dress driving his car and his wife in traditional dress sitting next to him.

Vikram while driving sees Ajay on the road with a car and a mechanic. Vikram stops the car and says "Hi Ajay , what happened. ??"

Ajay "Nothing my car is not getting started, some problem and mechanic is saying he need to take it to the garage. This rain is really a trouble now."

Vikram's laughs and says "I think you are going to office , i am going in that way only, i can drop you."

Ajay to Vikram "Ok Sir"

Ajay to Mechanic "Repair my car and send it to my office address. You know Right??"

Mechanic "Yes Sir"

Ajay seats in the back seat of the’s raining outside.

Now wait for conclusion.

Part 3 to be continued…..