Coin – Conclusion (Last Part)

By Piyush Anwekar

Do not jump to the conclusion directly…. The introduction (Part 1) and case study(Part 2) will help you to solve the MYSTERY…

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Now continue….

Ajay Seats in the car.

Ajay "Sir, You both are looking awesome."

Vikram "We are going for a marriage."

Vikram "So You came up with something in that case."

Ajay "No Sir, I have submitted my report 10 days back and it is closed as an unsolved case."

Vikram "Its really tough for you , involving in the case for more than a year and then closing it like this."

Ajay "Yes sir, This is my first case which i am not able to solve. Sometimes i try to link our reports but never finds any link or logic."

Vikram "Here comes your office."

Ajay "Thanks Sir"

Ajay comes out of the car and Vikram calls him and says "Sometime we are not able to figure it out . It’s not a big deal. "

Ajay puts his hand in upper pocket of his shirt and shows that golden coin to Vikram and say "Its big deal for me sir. This coin you gave me, every times remind me of my unsolved case but thanks Sir"

Vikram leaves and Ajay comes in the office and seats.

After a long day , in the eve around 5:00 PM Ajay gets a call from Vikram on his mobile.

Vikram "Hello Ajay , tonight you are free?"

Ajay "Yes Sir"

Vikram "Can you come for a dinner at 8:00 PM, I think now i can help you to solve that case."

Ajay "Ok. Sure Sir"

It’s Raining outside. Ajay reaches Vikram house at 8:00 PM. They are on dining table.

Ajay "Food is very good madam"

Vikram's Wife "Thanks"

Ajay "Your Children are settled in abroad. Right??"

Vikram "Yes in US. I want to live with them , but i love India too much and cannot leave this country ."

They finish their dinner and Vikram takes Ajay to his room of coins. Ajay going toward the room with Vikram , hears thunder.

Ajay to Vikram "Its raining since morning."

Vikram smiles and says "You know Mumbai rainy season."

Ajay enters in the room, there are lot of different types of coin on the wall and on shelves.

Ajay "Wow massive collection."

Vikram smiles and says "Yes"

Vikram takes Ajay to his coin shelve and show him a coin.

Vikram "This coin is 100 year old from Britain.."

Then shows him another coin and says "This is a stone coin from Africa."

Vikram Speaking "All these coins have some significance."

Ajay "Yes, I can see "

Vikram "Yes. I think you have my golden coin with you, Right."

Ajay "Yes" and puts his hand in the upper pocket of the shirt and shows it to Vikram.

Vikram "This coin also had significance when it was with me. It was an old Russian Coin which look like a golden coin."

Ajay "Yes. It’s still the same."

Vikram "No. It’s not the same coin when it’s with you."

Ajay "I did not get it."

Vikram "This coin has different significance for you. You are not carrying it because it is an old Russian coin. You are carrying it because it reminds you that unsolved coin case."

Ajay look at the coin and Says "Yes"

Vikram "The same way, the coin which police found in Ravi's hand has some value to someone to whom it belongs. That’s why we are not able to see the value of that coin. For us it was just an Indian 1 Rs Coin."

Ajay "How are you so sure about it?? So its Ravi's Coin??"

Vikram ask Ajay to seat, Vikram walking with his stick and saying "No Its not Ravi's Coin. Its Chandu's coin. You ask me why there was only one coin??"

Ajay "Yes"

Vikram "Because that coin is special to Chandu and he used to carry that coin with him every time like you are carrying this golden coin."

Ajay strangely look to Vikram and Says "How are you so sure about its Chandu's Coin??"

Vikram "Yeah, the same question i was asking to myself since morning after i dropped you at the office. After coming home my head was clear about why one coin was found at Crime Scene but not able to figure it out to whom it linked. Then i recalled all the reports, interrogation video's and Photographs."

Vikrams "You remember the coin is of 1993"

Ajay "Yes"

Vikram "Chandu's age in the report is 21 and report file is submitted by police in 2012. In Video he said his father asked him to beg when he was 4. Taking all these facts and putting them together we can say Chandu started begging in 1995. "

Ajay "What are you trying to conclude on this."

Vikram "This coin must have been given by his father or somebody else, as first token or first earning. We can say he had got some memories with the coin. No one in our report has any other logic with 1993 Coin. It’s just him. "

Ajay "You are right sir, Why we never looked into this direction..!!!!"

Vikram "Now Listen, Ravi was frustrated and angry when he left from the office. His car got crashed on street. So you can think now he is more frustrated and walking in heavy rain and looking for someone to help. He finds Chandu. He is blind ,have been living on that street for a long time and knows everything about the street. He reaches to Ravi and Ravi's finds he is blind beggar and cannot help him."

Ajay starts to add ,says "and Ravi might have said him to go away. But as Chandu is a good guy and very helping like all other told in the police report. Chandu would have asked like what happened or i can help you or something similar."

Vikram "Yes or he would have tried to touch him because he was blind. "

Ajay "Might be. There are lot of possibilities due to which Ravi got irritated by him and would have hit Chandu or thrown him away."

Vikram "Yeah, They might had some fight."

Ajay says "But from where the knife came??"

Vikram "I am not sure but from my guess when Ravi called him, Chandu would have carried knife for his safety because there were no one on the street and he cannot see who is calling him.”

Ajay "Yeah this can be one of the logic. They had some fight and Ravi got killed."

Vikram "Yes. Chandu had either thrown that knife in the gutter or carried with him and destroyed it somewhere else. "

Ajay "He was begging on that street for more that 4-5 year. Dogs do not run behind the person they knows very well. He did some suspicious thing, that’s why dogs ran behind him and he ran away from them and got captured by CCTv. We have observed in the CCTv footage that he was very scared while running. "

Vikram says "Yes" and sits in front of the Ajay.

Ajay "Everything fits in place, we can open this case and prove that Chandu is guilty."

Vikram "Don’t you think it was just an accident. We have seen Chandu's background. He is good guy. "

Ajay look to the Vikram's eye and says "Yes sir, you are right. "

Ajay looks his wrist watch , its 11:00 PM and says "I should leave now. Thanks sir for helping me. This is one of my memorable case."

Vikram to Ajay "It’s raining heavily . Till now all the roads must have got blocked because of water. If you want you can stay."

Ajay "That's Fine. My house is just 5 Km from here. I will leave."

Vikram drops him to his car.

Ajay keep that golden coin in his pocket and says "I will not reopen the case , Bye Sir."

Vikram says "Bye Good night "

Next Morning at 7:00 , Vikram woke up and sits on the sofa in the drawing room and says to his wife

"Tea and Newspaper."

His wife gives him tea and newspaper. He is having tea and reading newspaper . After sometimes his wife comes with a cup of tea in her hand, sits near him and switch on the TV in very low volume.

On some channel , showing a Baba saying " Shub Prabhat.. Good Morning..

We will start our day with some Sankrit words

"Purna mada purna midam

Purnaat purnam udachyate

Purnasya purnam adaaya

Purnam eva vasishyate

Om shanti shanti shanti"

Which translates into:

"That is the whole, this is the Whole; from the Whole, the Whole arises; taking away the Whole from the Whole, the Whole remains"

And his wife changes the channel. When his wife is frequently switching between channels. Vikram hears some Breaking News on TV and ask his wife to go to that news channel and increase the volume of the TV.

New Reporter Live at Crime Scene "Last night around 11:45 PM , Ajay Koath, IPS officer was found dead in his car at this place. His car was found in the wall of the building. No one saw his car hitting to this wall but must have hit hard as we can see. At 12:00 AM some of the people going by this way, informed police about the accident and called ambulance. Police is saying he was found dead when they reached.

It’s not clear that this is an accident or murder. Police said they have started their investigation. Police said in Interview that they have also found a “Golden coin” in his shirt’s upper pocket and have sent it for examination. Some days back he was investigating a case in which a coin was the only evidence. Police is not ready to comment on any of the details right now."

Police Report continuing "The “Coin” can be important evidence in this case."

The End....