Coin – Introduction (Part 1)

By Piyush Anwekar

CBI Office, Mumbai ,morning 11:00 AM ,29 July 2013.

Mr. Prakash Seth ( Head of the Branch Office).

Ajay Khoath, IPS officer to Prakash "Sir Who is coming to look into the case"

Prakash "Ajay, He is very dear friend of mine . He is not government officer and never involved in any investigation but i personally know him. He can help us in this case"

Ajay "ok Sir"

Prakash "He is a Numismatics, Metallurgy Engineer and also holds PhD in Metallurgy. He has great collections of coins. You can any time see in his pockets. Some coins he always carry with him"

Ajay "Sir, But we have showed the evidence to many of the numismatics those who were investigation officer also. Don't you think involving a citizen can affect our capabilities and image in Media. "

Prakash "Don't Worry . He came here to understand our case and give his report. He has not ask any government salary. So Relax. Anyway way we have almost lost the case , Right?"

Ajay "Yeah..."

Someone knocked the Office.

Prakash "Come in"

He enters in the room with a stick , he is with his old gray coat , long sleeves of white shirt. He is almost a bald guy. He closes the door and says "Hello Prakash"

Prakash " Hello Vikram"

He comes near the chair and seats.

Prakash looks Ajay and says "He is Dr. Vikramaditya Joshi, Who will try to help you in this case."

Ajay "Hello Sir"

Ajay "I am Ajay Koath , IPS Mumbai branch, In charge of this case"

Prakash "Vikram ,this is the case we are now about to lose. If you can do anything please do it. We need some analysis/theory about coins and metallurgy. Ajay will explain you everything about it."

Ajay "Ok "

Ajay and Vikram go in the Ajay's Office room. Vikram seats and ask "What is it about, Please start from beginning."

Someone comes and puts 2 cup of coffee on the table.

Ajay "Yes Sir. "

Vikram seats comfortably on the chair and drinks a sip of coffee.

Ajay "Last year this case came to CBI. Police was unable to prove anything in this case. We took all police report , FIR and started looking for the conclusion. This case is very simple but that's the most complicated thing about it.

Ajay "Two years back , 24 july 2011 4:30AM , police found a dead body of Mr. Ravi Arya on middle of Street in Mumbai. His age was 32 . He was killed by a knife but police did not found any knife at crime scene. He was killed around 12:30 AM in the night. It was very heavily raining that night. You know Streets of mumbai. They were all filled with wateri in rainy season.No one saw anything."

Vikram takes another sip.

Ajay "Police arrested a primary suspect Chandu from the crime scene after 2 days of investigation. He was captured in the CCTV of traffic single in the next street around 1:00 AM"

Vikram "Then what is the problem"

Ajay "He is the only primary suspect. The place where murder happened had no CCTv but all the other street connected to that street has CCtv. That night no one came out of the street from any of the way except this Guy Chandu running..."

Vikram "Then Why we are not able to proof he is a murderer."

Ajay "Chandu is 21 year old guy"

Vikram "So What he is an adult"

Ajay "No Sir that is not the problem. He is a blind beggar. He sleeps every night on the street next to which he was captured running by CCtv. Police arrested him 2 days after the murder from the street next to the street where murder happened."

Ajay "In his Statement, He said He was sleeping that night around the corner of the street but because of heavy rain ,dogs from the street came to his place and bites him. He started to run away from them and got caught in CCtv."

Ajay "May be he was right because CCtv also captured dogs running behind him."

Ajay "Police arrested this guy . He was in jail for more than 6 months .They gave him 3rd degree. But there was nothing came out of his mouth except what i told you. Then all conspiracy happened when Beggar union and Human Rights filled a case to the police for exploiting poor people and treating them like animals for interrogation."

Vikram "Ok. Means he got released ..."

Ajay "Yes and then the case came under CBI."

Vikram "There are others Suspects ??"

Ajay "Yes . My team and me interrogated many of people involved in the case like Ravi's friend , his wife, colleagues."

Ajay "I have made another report saying Wife and one friend Raama can be secondary suspect but i have no clue or evidence to prove it."

Ajay "Sir, I personally feel the murder is done by Chandu. He was there at that time of murder. But i dnt have evidence and the most important is the ~Reason of him killing Ravi Arya.~"

Vikram "Also He did not ran from police after the murder. Police arrested him 2 days later."

Ajay "Yes. These are some reasons . We are not able to come to any conclusion and it’s still an unsolved mystery for all of us."

Ajay "There were no snatching or looting. Ravi did not get looted by any thief or Chandu. But I have made my report in which his wife and Raama have some reason to kill him. But there are no evidence to prove it that any one of them killed Ravi."

Vikram "You cannot blame anyone like this. It can be a contract killing planned by his wife or friend as you said they are secondary suspect"

Ajay "May be"

Vikram finishes his coffee.

Vikram "But Why i am called here . I am a Numismatics"

Ajay "As i said Police had not found any weapon of murder as a evidence at crime scene. Also there were no finger Prints as it was heavily raining that night. The only evidence Police found in the victim hand was a 1rs Coin."

Vikram " Ok"

Ajay opens his drawer and show it to the Vikram.

Vikram looking carefully to the coin. He took out his specs and looks through the metal coin.

Ajay saying "we have shown this to many of our own numismatics but they have said it’s a normal coin"

Vikram "Yes , This is a normal coin but old . You can see 1993 on this coin. The value of this coin is not more than one rupee."

Vikram smiles and says "I cant help you more than this but i would like to work with you for 2-3 days more so that i can give my report. Can you please give me all reports , interrogation recording of all suspects and Other details which you finds interesting"

Ajay " Ok Sir"

He brings all his reports , video , photographs of crime scene , recording, CCtv footage to Vikram.

Ajay "Sir but you have to come to my office daily to read all this. We cannot take this out."

Vikram "Yes I know , Don’t Worry"

They both started there discussion.

Vikram "Did you find anything like any of the suspect or victim has coin collecting hobby."

Ajay "No Sir. No one has this hobby. I hear that you always carry some coins in your pocket "

Vikram puts his hand in the jacket and show all those coins.

Ajay "Wow.. nice sir. This one is of gold . ??"

Vikram "No. It’s an old Russian coin."

Ajay "Nice Collection. I used to collect in my childhood."

Vikram " You can have this Russian coin."

Ajay "No Sir , now i don’t have this hobby."

Vikram "Take it as gift"

Ajay takes it and Vikram keep all other coins in his pocket.

Vikram start looking into the photos and Ajay gives his explanation of case.

Ajay "Its 3 PM now. Can we go for lunch and then start"

Vikram ." OMG. Sorry Ajay I have to go. I told my wife that i will be home before 1 PM. She has to go visit some relatives. She will kill me now. Sorry"

Ajay drops Vikram to his car and says "Sir i will see you tomorrow morning"

Vikram keep his stick aside and puts his hand on steering wheel and says "Bye".

To be continued…..

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