Why was I excited about my New Year?

A New year generally represents the hope for the accomplishments that we want to achieve.

Hope sustains life. In our busy lives, we all must take a break for some mind-blowing experience out of our comfort zone. You just need to figure out what will make you happy and just go, grab it.

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I was pretty much excited about my new year because

  • This year I was planning to go out with some of my friends who happened to be very creative people and architects. Architects have a different perspective of looking at things from what we possess. From them, I would end up learning a different perspective of looking at things which would be a totally new experience.
  • Whenever they visit a beautiful landscape or any place which has its own awesome ambiance, they try to stay there for a while and try to picture them in their sketchbook. Be it via freehand drawing or sketching. It’s not like that I haven’t drawn or something but drawing with professionals is also another new experience in itself.
  • I would be going first time out on a bus journey of nearly 10 hours to a hilly area, both have been never done by me. The long-distance travel with friends and going to a hill station will again be a totally new experience and this one can’t be counted out.
  • The people who I was going with were really chilled out. So, it provides me an opportunity to grow myself by getting surrounded by such awesome people.

There are a lot many more advantages but only the above-mentioned counts.

So, try something new while you still have the chance and the power to do it. The only thing that should be constant in our life is Change because change is inevitable.

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.
Happy new year 2K18 everyone.