Bonfire Heart

Maybe it’s right or maybe it’s not, hanging on to the moments gone by. I won’t like to be called as a person stuck in time because I’m conscious about what other people think about me, so I try to be progressive. There is so much to do everyday yet, I like to take an escape route into the past, try to relive some of them and change the remaining. When I’m done with the past, I shift my focus on imagining what lies ahead of me in the future, it’s a very trippy sight. At times I see some bright sparks of joy and at times just endless dark engulfing me. My mind seems to work like a pendulum swinging from past to present to future and then going back again all the way to the past and finally attaining it’s equilibrium in the present. Somehow, I never feel the intensity of the moment in the present just at that very moment, it seems to be greater significance once it’s passed by or the anticipation of the uncertainty of that moment in the future looks more appealing. But in this very moment, I’m being taken over by nothing, except for numbness. I don’t even know what to ask for, a life in which everything is planned or which surprises me at every moment.

This is when Madhav looked at his watch and got up.

Madhav: Alright enough of your philosophy cum repentance. My son, I forgive you. Now lets go, I need to head back to my office early tomorrow.

( Just like any other day Madhav had turned out to be a patient listener for his troubled friend )

Shaurya: Fine, you get going. I think I’ll stay back.

Madhav: Stay back !!! Don’t tell me you are still left with some crap of yours. Okay fine, I’ll drop you. You can continue lamenting about your fucked up life/ destiny on our way back as well.

Shaurya: Na, I guess you’ve had enough.

Madhav: Whiskey or your bullshit ?

Shaurya: Probably both

Madhav: So what are you planning to do while you are staying back ?

Shaurya: I don’t know. Maybe I’ll kill some more time.

Madhav: Maybe spending 3 hours in bar was not enough for you. Fine, I leave you with your time. Bye.

Shaurya: Bye

Just as Madhav turned away and started walking down the stairs, Shaurya saw an unexpected, pretty, familiar yet forgotten face appearing to the scene. Her face seemed to lighten up the shady ambience of the bar. Her every step seemed to trigger a spark in his heart, lighting up the bonfire in his heart. His mind was standstill for a couple of moments. It seemed finally the time in a long while time decided to go along his way. She wasn’t a ghost/ hallucination/ his ex/ or any of the common relations. It looked as the battle between Time and Shaurya had ended for a while. At this moment he felt intensity of the moment, it seemed like moment was a bit heavy. At this time very moment everything seemed all the more clearer. Finally, she turned around and almost had a close eye contact with him. It seemed like he was sitting on beach, watching her through the bonfire. There were no thoughts flowing in his mind on what could have happened in the past and what lied ahead of him in the future.

It was Angel, his first crush, back from his school time, 8th grade. Nothing occurred to him of what she was into now, whether she was here to see someone or anything what had to regarding her presence in that bar. At the same time the table besides Shaurya got emptied and she made a move towards the table. As she started moving towards her table, she noticed the guy looking straight into her eyes. The look was firm and for a pervert who would be checking out her from all different angles, this guy seemed to have glued his eyes to her. She too decided to look back and give it a shot.

As Angel took her seat she decided to break the eye contact and started looking over the bar menu to figure out what drink to order for herself. They barely exchanged words between them in school. Angel definitely possessed all the desired characteristics that would make her a fairy, a perfect dream girl that anyone could wish for. Mind you, no matter after how much time you get to see her again, you can’t fail to recognize her. Shaurya felt as if he would fall in love with her again merely through this eye contact. Finally, Shaurya came back to his senses. Nothing occurred to him for once. His mind started brainstorming on different ideas. Has Angel not recognized him? They did share an eye contact for 4 seconds. Did she ignore him on purpose. Maybe she hasn’t recognized him. Should he try to strike a conversation with her. What should he talk about ? They never have talked in the past. They used to exchange only Hi’s and Bye’s that to from a distance. Should he really be concerned in the first place of what Angel thinks of him today? How bigger difference will it make to him, he knows who really is, he thought. What if this was his last chance to talk to her again. Was she waiting for someone ? If she was waiting for someone she would have waited for him/her but it seems she is placing her order already. She didn’t recognize him while she was sober. There is barely a chance that she would, once starts getting intoxicating, he thought. Would it be worth, striking a small conversation with her. Anyways they have nothing to loose between the two. He too decided to order a drink and wait for her to complete her first drink and then try to break the ice between the two.

All along this thought process of Shaurya, Angel didn’t get a chance to look back at Shaurya, as she was more interested in ordering her drink. Keeping up the name of their native town, they had Patiala pegs bottoms up. Stage was set, Shaurya got up from his seat and occupied a seat opposite to her. I would definitely say that it was a bold move. While Angel was still hanging her head a bit towards the floor, it seemed like she was recovering from the jolt of her first drink. She cleared some off fair falling against her eyes to check out the guy who made the bold move on her. Once Shaurya sat opposite to her, she recognized him immediately but couldn’t believe if it was him. Once she looked up, Shaurya could see in her eyes that she still remembered him. Shaurya finally decided to kick off.

Shaurya: So Angel, ‘ssup?

Angel: Bottoms up

Shaurya: wait what ?

Angel: I need one more drink before we start actually talking to each other for the first time. Are you fine with it?

Shaurya: I’m fine with it.

(Shaurya calls for the waiter and orders 2 drinks, 1 for each of them. Without wasting any more time both of them have another round of bottoms ups)

Shaurya: I am glad you still know me.

Angel: You made an impactful eye-contact and given the appetite of your drink it was not that difficult for me to guess it was you.

( They both have their drinks )

Shaurya (laughs)

Angel: Actually you haven’t changed much in terms of looks. I could find you familiar in the first look but couldn’t identify until you sat opposite to me.

Shaurya: So, what brings you here to Mumbai ?

Angel: I came in here for a job interview.

Shaurya: So how did it go ?

Angel: Come on, it is not that difficult to figure out.

Shaurya (laughs) : I guess so

Angel: So you are based of Mumbai, right from the beginning of the college ?

Shaurya: No, I’m actually working out of Gurgaon.

Angel: That’s interesting I’ve living in NCR too. So what brings you here ?

Shaurya: I just dropped by here for a client meeting. Then I decided to chill out with some friends.

Angel: I don’t see any friends here

Shaurya: A bunch of them left about an hour back, the last one’s departure coincided with your arrival.

Angel: So you wanted to be left alone ? Spend time with loneliness.

Shaurya: Sort of

Angel: Me too. I would have loved so much if some stranger would have occupied the seat opposite to me and tried to flirt with me, that way I wouldn’t have been bothered to pay for my drinks even

Shaurya: So should I take that as my hint, to get back to my table and not spoil some guy’s chances of hitting on you.

Angel: No, I didn’t mean it that way.

Shaurya: I mean, I am fine. I understand it’s kind of awkward. Probably it’s better that way to spend time with ourselves.

Angel (a little tipsy): No wait !!! What I meant was, you could probably buy some drinks for me and in turn I give you the freedom to flirt with me. How does that sound ?

Shaurya (laughs): Are you kidding me ?

Angel: What… you don’t seem too short on cash? Or you don’t find me attractive enough to flirt with me?

Shaurya; Oh my god!! This is fuckin unbelievable. Given a chance any guy on this planet would die to give a shot at you. So I won’t let it go off this opportunity or this moment.

Angel: Fine. Waiter 2 more drinks.

( Both of them laugh )

(Shaurya was amazed so was Angel. They met each other after such a big interval of time. They conversing with each other for the first time and it was not difficult for any of them to strike a chord with each other)

Shaurya: So Angel. Don’t you find it ridiculous that we meet after such a big interval of time in Mumbai while we both are based out of NCR. We never met in Delhi where we were together for an year almost and this one day or two we happened to arrive at Mumbai and bump into each other.

Angel: Ya, it’s kind of strange.

Shaurya: I mean, I don’t know where to begin with

Angel: What, don’t tell me you haven’t flirted with any girl before

Shaurya: Come on stop joking. I am talking about talking about ourselves. We never actually talked to each other. I am just pondering over where should we start from to know each other.

Angel: Shaurya let’s understand each other’s circumstances. There’s nothing we’ll gain by knowing other’s history. We both decided to spend some time alone at the bar and now that we are together so let’s just not make this an emotional or a sympathic conversation. Let’s keep it fun.

Shaurya: I guess that makes sense.

( Both of them have another round of drinks )

Shaurya: Hey, what’s that mark on your forehead, on the left side.

Angel: Oh that one. Breakup mark.

Shaurya: Don’t tell me you were a victim of your ex.

Angel: Na, it’s just that he dumped me. I got mad, had too much of vodka that night, then I lost my balance in the washroom and struck against the handle of the washroom.

Shaurya: When did it happen ?

Angel: A couple of weeks back

Shaurya: You must have had a bad wound, it still looks a little fresh

Angel: Sort of, I had to get stiches done, that’s all.

Shaurya: So basically you are single at this moment?

Angel: Yup

Shaurya: It’s just been a couple of weeks since your break up and you are already in the hunt of a fling

Angel: What else should I do, go on weeping. Share my sad story with my friends, make them fell sympathic for me. Stop living my life, stop talking to my family, remain in a retrospective mode all time and think what must have gone wrong between us and figure out how we can get back to each other. I should give him time so that he can get back to me. That’s just not happening

Shaurya (quietly sips his drink)

Angel ( takes a close look in Shaurya’s eyes) : Wait a second. Shaurya, don’t tell me you are doing the same what I just said.

Shaurya: No, it’s not exactly like that.

Angel ( sipping her drink) : So tell me, are you single or in a relationship ?

Shaurya: Let’s not dig each other’s grave. It’s better that way

Angel: Come it is not that difficult.

Shaurya: It’s complicated

Angel: Is it really complicated? Or you have just made it complicated for yourself and the things are crystal at the other end.

Shaurya: Come on, we decided on to keep this fun

Angel: How long it’s been going on like this ?

Shaurya (doesn’t answer )

Angel: Come on, tell me, I won’t judge you.

Shaurya: A year… and a half

Angel: You definitely need to get drunk badly tonight

Shaurya: Hey, I’ve had enough.

Angel: No Mister you really need 1 more Patiala. Don’t worry this one is on me.

Shaurya: Look I am not having anymore alright.

Angel: You are so definitely having this one bottoms up. Waiter 2 more drinks

Shaurya: Waiter just wait a second. You know what I think you should also stop drinking.

Angel: Oh Shoru, I have never asked something from you. Can’t you do even this much for me ?

( Shaurya was so taken a back with the innocent face that Angel made at this line. Her eyes gently looking right into his yes and lips slightly tuned into a pout position. It was become irresistible for him. There couldn’t have been any more arguing between the two after this line from Angel. They have another round of bottoms up)

Angel: Do you have a smoke ?

Shaurya: You smoke ?

Angel: Stop judging me you sexist. Yes, but only when I am drunk.

Shaurya: I have a pack. Let’s go to the smoking room

(They enter the smoking room and light up their smokes)

Angel: So Shaurya, how many relationships have you had, like in total ?

Shaurya: just 1. What about you ?

Angel: Let’s see. (takes some time to recall). I’ve had 4 relationships in the past. A couple or more flings with the whites.

Shaurya: What is with you girls and foreigner guys?

Angel: Let me put it this way, what is with you guys and Goa?

Shaurya: Now you are diverting from the topic.

Angel: No, I’m not. You guys go to Goa for 2 reasons: drink cheap beer and see white girls in bikini typically Russians. I don’t know why you people are so desperate about Russians in particular.

Shaurya (laughs): Okay now that seems to be a leveler. I agree with you.

Angel: Maybe after promoting manufacturing in India with ‘Make in India’. Maybe Modiji should promote ‘Love with Indians’ or ‘ Love in India’ campaigns so that Indians fall for Indians.

Shaurya: Looking at the present scenario of population in India, I don’t think we would ever require such kind of a campaign.

Angel: Come on. Let’s take a selfie.

Shaurya: No please. I don’t like taking selfies.

Angel: Oh come on please.

( She again made that innocent face to which Shaurya couldn’t deny)

Shaurya ( takes out his mobile phone ): He clicks a couple of selfies.

Angel: Wait give it to me.

( They click a dozen of selfies and return to their table )

Angel ( scrolling through the gallery of Shaurya’s mobile ): Was she the one ?

Shaurya ( looks at he mobile): Hey, give me my phone back.

Angel: Tell me, tell me she was that bitch na ?

Shaurya: Hey don’t you ever call her that. Now give me back my phone.

Angel: Alright, just a second. Let me transfer the pics of us on my phone as well.

Shaurya: Fine

( Shaurya sips his drink and sees that Angel seems to doing something apart from simply transferring pics. As it would have just a couple of minutes to transfer a bunch of pics. It was already more than 5 minutes and she was still busy doing that.)

Shaurya: Angel what are you doing ?

Angel: I am thinking if I delete all of her pics, how much good it’ll do to you ?

Shaurya: No, you are not doing that.

Angel: You’ll challenge me. See I have done it.

Shaurya (snatches phone from Angel and is dazzled to find out all the pics of his ex missing from his phone): Why on earth did you do that? It’s not funny Angel.

Angel: I know

Shaurya ( gets really upset): You have really crossed limits of a joke.

Angel: I haven’t. I have just transferred her pics onto my phone so that you can move ahead in life. I mean there is no point in staying stuck in time.

Shaurya: I am stuck in love.

Angel: No, you are stuck in time. Why don’t you let go off her from your mind for some time and see if it helps you?

Shaurya: Are you trying to do ‘Jab we Met’ kind of thing with me ?

Angel: Sort of ya. Gosh now you mentioned it. Do you remember that how much our life was awesome back in those days, when this movie released.

Shaurya: Ya, it was. We were probably in 9th or 10th grade when it released. I must say, I am not a big fan of Bollywood films but I really like that one.

Angel: I’ve watched that movie like for more than 30 times. You wouldn’t believe this, back in time during the end of our 9th grade I developed a crush on you.

Shaurya (startled): You are so kidding me

Angel: No, I used to draw so many parallel’s between that Aditya character of Shahid and you.

Shaurya (laughs): Now that you have mentioned it. Let me tell you something, I had a crush you from 8th standard, ever since you joined my section.

Angel: Come on, you don’t need to fool around with me.

Shaurya: What!! I’m damn serious.

Angel: Your six pack was always after that group of fabbies ?

Shaurya: Hold on. What is this six pack and fabbies. Are you referring to my school group of friends, the 6 of us as six pack ?

Angel: Yup. I would say half of the girls back in school used to fancy you and your group.

Shaurya: Woh!! Woh !! And I am getting to know this now. By the way it’s a really fancy name. Who are you referring to as the fabbies.

Angel: Come on you know who. Those 5 fabulous bitches about which your entire batch of guys used to fantasize about.

Shaurya: Gosh!! I thought only guys were good in keeping that kind of names. After this, I’m really forced to doubt our creativity in coming up with names.

Angel: Whatever.

Shaurya: I don’t believe you had a crush on me. There is no possibility of that. I think you are just playing around.

Angel: Why else would I say that?

Shaurya: Just to make me feel better about myself

Angel: See, it’s already embarrassing enough for me to just say that out that I had crush on you.

Shaurya: So you are not fooling me ?

Angel: No, I’m out. I even kept a nickname for you.

Shaurya: Oh really, and what was that?

Angel: Noddy

Shaurya: Are you referring to that silly cartoon ?

Angel: Don’t call it silly.

Shaurya (laughs): Why did you nicknamed me after Noddy ?

Angel: You used to go around nodding. You attempted to keep everyone happy around you. You were so full of life back then. Moreover you were so damn cute like Noddy.

( In the mean while waiter arrives at their table and tell them it’s closing time and they need to pay and leave. After arguing about the bill split, they finally leave the bar)

Shaurya: This just seems too much for me to take it in one go.

Angel: what ?

Shaurya: While I’m going through this tough phase of relationship hangover, I meet up my first crush from school time in a bar and guess what happens, I come to know she too had a crush on me.

Angel: Wait, I still don’t believe that you used to like me. Prove it to me. I am so sure you so madly after one of those fabbies.

Shaurya: No, I was not.

Angel: The word was around the class you liked the leader of the fabbie.

Shaurya: I don’t know about that. It would have been just a joke or a rumor.

Angel: What if I say that I came to know from very reliable sources, your six pack.

Shaurya: Now that you mentioned the source, I do recall, in one of the truth and dare games, I admitted having a liking for the leader of fabbies, but that just so that they don’t take my case.

Angel: You may have joked around with anyone else but not with your besties. I mean you guys never lied to each other

Shaurya: No, we didn’t lie to each other. You can say that was just an exception. I thought if I took your name, things might get spoiled between us. I thought, I should be the first one to tell you how much I like you rather than you hearing from just somebody. We didn’t interacted much with each other, so I thought to lay the groundwork for the same before confessing to anyone else.

Angel: But you never actually did confess. This is not enough to convince me.

Shaurya: Alright let me try.

Angel: Tell me something that you used to like about me ?

Shaurya: It’s very simple. You were attractive back then and you still are. I mean the gentle look of your eyes, your dimples, that small mole on the left side of your neck. That one time around the mid of 9th grade you had this haircut because our class teacher pin-pointed you out for having a single plat. You didn’t like your hair after that haircut they used to keep falling on your sides, what is the word for that, hmm… flicks. I liked watching you clear those flicks off your face. That one performance that you gave during the intra-school singing competition in 10th standard is stored in my heart. Gosh that song ‘Soch’ by Hardy Sandhu, I had never heard of that song prior to your performance and believe me I played song in loop for a month or so.

Angel: That’s something. So, why didn’t you ever tried telling me.

Shaurya: I don’t know. I thought you were of a very conservative nature back then. It never occurred to me how could I get a conversation started between the two of us. We didn’t have any common friends. What about you ? If you liked me you could have dropped a hint

Angel: I believed your six pack. I thought you were already occupied with that fabbie, so why bother you.

Shaurya: India is a ridiculous country. If rumors can make two people fall in love together then rumors can also separate two people.

Angel: It’s kind of true.

Angel: Wait I’ve something to show you.

Angel (opens her purse and takes out a small piece of scribbling): You know anything about this.

Shaurya (Takes a look at the scribbling and laughs): You must have received this on the last day of our school post your farewell speech in your bag, wrapped around a pair of dairy milks.

(( Scribbling read ‘Your secret admirer, All the Best!!’ ))

Shaurya: I think you have finally found your secret admirer after 8 years.

( A tear dropped from Angel’s eyes and she was overwhelmed with joy)

Angel: It was you

Shaurya ( nods)

Angel: Gosh !! I so wished that from the bottom of my heart that you would have presented it to me. I just preserved it as a souvenir from my first unknown admirer.

Shaurya: I thought of revealing it to you that it was me when we met after 2 years at our Batch reunion. Then I came to know that you were already taken by a guy from your coaching center.

Angel: Yep, I was

Shaurya: Now this is completely unbelievable. Now, there’s one more to add to the list.

Angel: To which list ?

Shaurya: Regrets from the past. You know, I keep thinking about what all changes I could have made in the past that would have changed my present, incrementally improved this every suffocating moment that I’m living. Now, I sincerely that not revealing my feelings to you would seriously top that list.

Angel: What difference it would make ?

Shaurya: I mean just imagine Angel, how things would have been today

Angel: We could have been together. We could have had a short fling during the school time. We won’t have survived the toiling long distance relationship for 8 years. After that, we would have broken up, God knows on which note we would have ended. Isn’t it better to enjoy this

Shaurya: Enjoy what ?

Angel: This very moment. Just imagine how much fun we have had today getting to know each other for the first time, at the time when we both wanted to left alone and getting wasted.

Shaurya: I guess you are right.

Angel: Gosh at this moment we might actually get involved in some really silly stuff.

Shaurya: Like what ?

Angel: Something like the Chainsmokers ‘Closer’ .

Shaurya: Hey, I was doing just fine before I met you, I drink too much and that an issue, but I’m ok.

Angel: Hey, tell your friends it was nice to meet them, but I hope never see them again

Shaurya: I know it breaks your heart, moved to the city in a broke down car

Angel: and, 6 years no calls, now I’m looking pretty in a hotel bar

Shaurya and Angel together: And IIIII….. can’t stop, no I I I….. can’t stop.

Angel: ok that’s enough, I guess we can stop.

Shaurya: yeah, that’s a fair idea.

Angel ( looks at her watch and then at a teenager passing by wearing a santa hat ) : Shaurya I need to get going.

Shaurya: Come on. Is everything fine ?

(At this moment Shaurya fears if they really went a bit too far on any note that made Angel uncomfortable. Maybe she is just saying this to avoid an awkward moment between the two of them)

Angel: Yeah it is. I have to reach the airport in about 2 hours and I need to go back to my hotel and do some packing.

Shaurya: Alright. Let me book a cab for you.

Angel: But I can stay like for another half an hour on one condition

Shaurya: What is that ?

Angel: You see that guy across the road wearing that santa hat.

Shaurya: Yup. You want me to play some sort of a prank on that guy ?

Angel: No, I want you to bring his santa hat for me. I mean borrow his hat for a couple of minutes.

Shaurya: I mean what sort of a wish is that ?

Angel ( again makes that innocent face ): Okay, I’ll get going.

Shaurya: Alright. Wait a second.

( Shaurya crosses the road and chats with the guy for a while and finally convinces the guy to lend him his hat for a couple of minutes. He crosses the road and offers the hat to Angel )

Shaurya: Here, now you can play around with it ?

Angel ( she takes hand from him and puts on his head); This is not for me. It is for you

Shaurya: wait what ?

Angel: I so wanted to have a Noddy like pic of yours right from school time. Now we don’t Noddy’ hat so let’s work with Santa’s hat.

Shaurya: Seriously !!!

Angel: I’m damn serious. Okay come on, now let me take a pic of yours. Come on smile.

(Shaurya resists, but again is taken over by Angel’s expressions. After the pic, Angel and Shaurya together return the hat to the owner and thank him)

Shaurya: Gosh. Looks like you have made a checklist ready.

Angel: Sort of.

Shaurya: Anyways, I mean let’s book a cab. It’ll the cab driver 10 odd minutes to reach here as well.

Angel: Fine

Shaurya: Alright, he said he’ll take about 8 minutes to reach here. What do you want to do next ?

Angel: You know there are some songs that suit a particular occasion. But, There is one song I feel that can make any moment special. I want to make this moment, a special one for us.

Shaurya: I see, so which is that song.

Angel: I was surprised to see that song missing on your mobile. So, I transferred that song to your mobile. You can find that song in the recently received files.

Shaurya: So apart from exploring the gallery of ex, you even took a look at my list of songs as well. That’s interesting.

Angel: You and your pack were mad about this song in school days.

Shaurya ( looks into his received files folder and laughs): ‘Dil Chahta Hai’. Now, I can definitely believe you, you know a lot about me

Angel: Come on play it.

Shaurya ( plays the song)

Angel: come on let’s dance.

Shaurya: Dance ?

Angel: It’s a perfect song

Shaurya: Dance to ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ at 3:30 am in the morning on a street

Angel: Don’t tell me you have never danced on a street.

Shaurya: I mean. I have, at Ganpati during my college time

Angel: So come on.

(They danced lightly to the song and performed a few steps of Salsa. Just during this, their eyes meet up, they sense a bonfire burning in their heart. They stare at each other, their breathing becomes heavy, their lips start to become restless .The song ends, they see the lights falling on them from a distance and let go off each other realizing that the cab has almost arrived )

Shaurya: Would this meeting of ours be our ‘Serendipity’ point?

Angel: What’s that?

Shaurya: Serendipity is a film in which a girl and guy meet each for one day and spend a good time with each other. They don’t meet each other for several years and you can figure out the rest.

Angel: I see, a highly imaginative romantic flick.

Shaurya: Kind of

Angel: What about you? Do you think we would be destined to meet Just like what happened in the movie?

Shaurya: You want it to happen that way ?

Angel: I don’t know. I mean, I guess I would not expect for it or let’s say wish for it but I would be fine as well if it did happen that way.

Shaurya: You probably need to get going.

Angel: Yup

Shaurya: Do you want me to accompany you to the airport ?

Angel: No, it’s fine. I am alright.

Shaurya: Alright goodbye

Angel: Goodbye

( As Angel is about to sit in the cab she stops )

Angel: Tell me one thing, in the movie they do meet on eve of Christmas right?

Shaurya (nods)

Angel: Bye Noddy

Shaurya (laughs)

As the two separate from each other with every movement of the ca,b the sparks of their Bonfire hearts continue to tinkle them.

Shaurya heads back to his friends place. On the way, he realizes how he has surrendered his life to time and stopped making any progress in life. He decides to immediately make amends and never fall back behind time. He goes to his facebook account and changes his relationship status from it’s complicated to single. Also he makes a thread of his school friends and names the conversation as six pack. He simply posts the link of the song ‘ Dil Chahta Hai’, it was the song that kept them together through the school years. At the same time, Shaurya ponders over his encounter with Angel and particularly at the moment when the lights of the cab flashed into their eyes, thinking whether he had gone too far with Angel in their meet.

On the other hand, Angel who messed her interview because of a recent breakup felt a sense of life instilled back in her. She changed her status from single to it’s complicated. She pondered over her encounter with Shaurya and particularly at the moment when the lights of the cab flashed into their eyes, thinking whether she should have gone a mile further with her Noddy.