Culture is contagious

Having worked in a handful of organisations, there are days I sit and ponder on such things after reading a book I came to think of culture as following:

If you will, think of culture as water in a bucket, everyone you interact with has their own bucket, every time you do something positive for anyone you add to their bucket and anytime you do something that negatively impacts the interaction you take from their bucket.

If everyone is to maintain a certain amount in their bucket they must either give or take. Both of these actions will start a chain reaction.

The interesting thing to notice now is that if you give/add to someones bucket you will also end up receiving, though it may not come from the same interaction. However when you take from someones bucket you do not receive anything back and have also set in motion something which will lead to this person taking from someone’s bucket and so on and so forth.

This analogy is just a way to say that good behaviour and practices perpetuates good culture and bad ones perpetuate a poor and unstable culture.

This is a simple practice where you have to decide that will you get work done by adding to someones bucket or taking from it.

Don’t be a dipper, be a filler. Fill someone’s bucket today!