Beautiful Outlined and Rounded Icons in Flutter with Eva Icons

Google introduced Material theming in Google I/O 2018, along with updated Material Icons with options — Filled, Outlined, Rounded, Two-tone and Sharp. After I/O, Many apps started using Rounded and Outlined icons. Personally, I have a slight preference for Rounded Icons.

Flutter has Material Icons but it doesn’t have options to choose themes like Outlined or Rounded. Font Awesome is also available on Flutter as a package, but it also doesn’t have Rounded Icons, which I was looking for, and this led me to create a package for Rounded Icons.

Recently I come across Eva Icons which have beautiful Rounded Icons. I created a flutter package to make these Icons available in Flutter. You can find it with name eva_icons_flutter on Dart Packages.

You can find all the icons here.

Dart Package: eva_icons_flutter


In the dependencies: section of your pubspec.yaml, add the following line:


  1. Import eva_icons_flutter in dart file.

2. Use EvaIcons.<iconName> for IconData in Icon.

It’s that easy to use all Eva Icons in the Flutter app by using eva_icons_flutter package. It already has 480 icons and I’ll keep updating it with the latest Eva Icons pack.

Full example using eva_icons_flutter package is available here.

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