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I was on a flight a few days ago, travelling from my college town in Bhubaneswar to my parents’ home in suburban Delhi. During the flight, I encountered a strange man. He was one of those outgoing elderly people who try to strike up conversations with strangers while travelling. On the contrary, I prefer having the most minimal of conversations with the people I am the closest with, let alone a stranger on a plane. So naturally, I was inevitably involved in a very one-sided dialogue between myself and that stranger: I pretended to be extremely sleepy while he continued telling me about himself. I learnt a lot about him, much of which, probably to his dismay, I couldn’t care enough to remember. And as these conversations usually go, he started discussing the weather, out of all things (at the time, I wasn’t self-aware of the heavy-handed irony of discussing the weather inside an aeroplane). One knows a conversation is going downhill when one has to resort to talking about the weather. However, unlike most mundane conversations about the weather, things took a turn. “It was so hot in Bhubaneswar! I never thought I would be using cooling glass in March, but I did”, he said. Cooling glass? …


Piyush Mishra

I like languages, their nuanced history and evolution and their coexistence with each other and with the emerging technology.

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