Introducing Drupal Agency Leaders Dinner @ DrupalSouth 2017

Piyush Poddar
Oct 31, 2017 · 3 min read

If you’re an agency leader heading to Auckland for DrupalSouth 2017 on November 15th, you should know that Chris Skene from and I are hosting a dinner the night before.

And you’ve just been invited.

1. What’s this and why should I go?

Consider the last time you sat down as a group with other Drupal Agency CXO’s, co-founders, or directors. If you’ve done this recently, then you know just like those who attended CEO gatherings at DrupalCon Vienna, Inbound, and DrupalCon Baltimore that there’s real value in coming together to engage, learn, and grow with peers.

If you haven’t done this before after the official event, you’re not alone. This is a relatively fresh, consistent emergence. And it’s happening all over Drupal. The top reasons for you to go will be totally selfish: the best food at Con, your drinks paid for, and a chance to scope out your competition. Just joking on that last one.

2. What’s the schedule look like?

Let’s get together at Cafe Hanoi at 7 PM on Wednesday, and we’ll have open discussions about key developments coming out of DrupalSouth as well as Drupal Agency space in general. We’ll get into agency challenges, topics on growth and opportunity, and segue into the 2017 Drupal Business Survey results, which affects all of us and everyone in the community.

3. Who else is going?

Mostly C-level personnel from Australia and New Zealand, but like the CXO Dinners of the recent past, not all will be from local companies.

But the real answer to this question is this: if you don’t go, then you’ll only find out who went from the awesome pictures — and you won’t be in them.

(If I’m not a C-Level “Leader,” does this matter to me?)

You might be asking why you should care about any of this, especially if you’re not C-Level. First of all, if you’re a key decision maker at your agency, then you qualify. Secondly, if you’re none of these at an organizational level, the fact that this is happening at DrupalSouth means something for you.

Here’s why: It doesn’t matter if you’re a lead Drupal developer, a content marketer, or a CEO when industry movers come together to discuss things about the changing business landscape, they’re talking about Having members of the community, regardless of their position within the agency for which they work, suggest that their leaders attend gatherings like this will help the ecosystem.

The vast developer community of Drupal builds off of shared knowledge and ideas, gathers to mingle, debate, and grow stronger. Maybe some of the business challenges of the not-so-distant past have been due to our league sitting out when we should’ve been leaning in.

Let’s come together and be honest.

Staking out and holding your spot in what’s become a competitive Drupal marketplace has gotten much more difficult. Over the course of the last decade, the Drupal agency sphere has been getting saturated. Every agency is vying to grab a slice of the pie, and after a while, it seems that the space just isn’t big enough for everyone. Growth has been a challenge. Talent sourcing has been a challenge. Let’s come together and talk about these things and more.

Piyush Poddar

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@axelerant Director of Partnerships & Exec leader | @DrupalJaipur founding member | Business development, Account management & Customer success.