Lets Gift the World With a Gandhi Pillar

Well Sixty Nine Year Passed Modern Bhubaneswar celebrating Young at Seventy yet the Gandhi Pillar could not found its foot print which was part of the plan documents submitted by Otto H Königsberger. Well it was planned to have a 100 feet high Gandhi memorial pillar symbolising the life and teachings of the Mahatma at the centre of the city for which Nehru had laid the capital foundation stone way back in 1948.

Perhaps many at present may not know that the Capital Foundation Stone which is now located at the walls of Odisha State Legislative Assembly at PMG Square is actually not the place where foundation was laid way back in 1948 rather foundation stone was laid inside a forest perhaps part of Chandaka which got its name from Mahatma as we know now Bapujinagar. Which means had the Gandhi Pillar would have erected in early fifites at the centre of city then perhaps the looks of Bapujinagar would have been much different by now along with Bhubaneswar.

Gandhi Pillar was not intended to be like another Gandhi Statue rather there won’t have been any statue at all but it would have been similar to Ashoka Pillar that we saw in Museums or at prominent historical sites. Similalry it was intended to promote Gandhian Ideology among new generations as well as visitors. So the Gandhi Pillar would have been reminded its citizens of Bhubaneswar of the teachings of Gandhiji on which the town was founded. Therefor the height was proposed to be around hundred feet tall made of reinforced concrete, standing as a landmark visible to people afar. The Concrete core of the pillar was to be covered with local stone, “decorated by best sculptures of India” while the stem of the pillar was to be engraved with scenes from Gandhi’s life and his teachings.

Imagine had Bhubaneswar would have it sixty nine year ago then perhaps by now every Indian city as well international city searching for peace would have borrowed Gandhi Pillar idea into their city but sadly we never had it nor the Bapuji Nagar could not became Bhubaneswar's city centre.

Well way back in 1948 less than Rs 2cr financial assistance from Govt. of India the capital city was planned & build which is the amount now consulting firms takes as their fee to prepare Smart City Plan should not be an obstacle why the city can’t have the Gandhi Pillar in its seventieth year and welcomed the world into the Temple City of Peace. This perhaps would be the brand image of Modern Bhubaneswar away from its old towns temples and a much better way of gifting the world on Mahatma's 150th year of Birth Anniversary in 2019.

Hear is an imagination picture from Stuttgart that some how exemplifying how the city centre with the Gandhi Pillar could have been added value to Modern Bhubaneswar which still struggles for a City Centre or a brand Image and perhaps this city could reinvent its modernity look at par with european city being in Asia.

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