#Make your workplace fun, exciting and knowledgeable at a spiritual level

This applies to every domain, startup or for any Giant Industries.
When it comes to taking break from your work schedule in your office.. the companies I visited including ‘Amdocs’ and ‘Infosys’ all had one common place for employees to chill out which include some play areas with Pool, foosball and table tennis abode.

What I observed was these things do made the employees happy and ready to get back to their work too but what was still lagging behind was the craving to play more.. and what did that added to the companies Fortune? Ultimately what the company want is to make their employees complete a given task in ‘x’ amount of time which is all good but look at the manner in those which does feel like some Robots working in a Richie Rich Cartoon.

What if every company in the world small or big had a philosophy and Literature corner on every floor which will not even boost the thinking capabilities in the employees but also make them creatively active and here it is none of your employee will ever hate the Monday Mornings and will accept the fact that their is also a world beyond what they are living in.

This Corner could include anything from (nontechnical or work related) Books to few Kindles with pre Installed ebooks too. This could immensely help your hard working Employees to get a Profound perspective and can make add a illustrative and enthusiastic work flow. :D

Doing this for the employees I also thought upon the idea that what the outcome the company can get up to.. It gets like this, if you are someone with Powers or a part of the Authority, what you can do is add only those kind of books in the shelves that had your attention and those which you really liked, this will in consummation will share the exact vision and pattern of feelings which you had in your mind straight into your employee’s mind and that too with a very breathtaking medium in form of these Philosophy and Literature Corners. :D

Try this out.. and if you have already done this let me know in the comments.