This is what I learnt at the ‘Build for Mobile meetup at Rise Mumbai’

I would have never got to know about it until Amit Chavan dropped a link to this event in our group of three and honestly I had no plan to join it with them since I’d a movie to go with my sister as I promised to her and there were also very minimum chances for me to join it since it was in Mumbai which is like 150Km far from where I stay but I had to choose the important so I said Yes and the journey started in the Morning at 6:30am E.S.T and we reached the venue at the first minute and occupied the first seats..

The schedule was all mess up since the speakers were not in a proper sequence as mentioned in the meetup agenda so we grasp as much as possible from all the speakers we came across and well all of them had done some great things in their domains. The event had exciting sessions on tapping the right market and building products for mobile as a primary interface for outreach and content delivery to the users. Examples from successful Indian startups and discover actionable insights on factors influencing the market success and building better products.

The event started with the developers at truecaller who have been working on a sdk for developers all over the world to make the simple login process easier on mobile level and did made me thought how important the small things were and how they make the user feel and how comfortable it is.

The next were the Headstart- a non for profit org. which Aim to build early stage startup community, and all the force behind the organisation were all the volunteers and nobody else which I thought was epic and really thought how even they withstand the conditions.
The other thing which amazed me was the platform they had started to connect investors, accelerators directly to the startup founders called Kickster.

And here is my favorite part.. Anish from We Are BookMyShow had a very interactive talk with his design perspective and targeted to the topics which included their next planings with the app and what major changes they are about to bring and well if you don’t what book my show really is, It is the ticket selling organized e-Commerce player which sells between 600–800M tickets annually! Yes thats a Big Number right their and the discussion carried to the challenges including the VRLA (Virtual Reality) and the large ratio of people who prefer to watch the movies at their Homes on their big screens and how this would affect BookMyShow and their future turnover.

When asked by Anish to the audience what they really thought BookMyShow was? Is it a Entertainment Platform?

Basically It is a road to entertainment

Taking the talk to the designers and PR perspective and thoughts, I really liked how they made quotes over the questions including-

Anish- designers have a disease of making mock up and prototyping, keep making more screens than everything else

So while designing the your beautiful yet easy to use app try to reduce the number of steps and make the user feel fast while moving through the steps which actually does help and though take care of the Analytics too If you do want the user to stay on the application for more time, and yet their are many interactive ways to do so..

The other interesting I heard was ‘BookMyShow has stopped using photoshop and what they do now is sketch’ never heard something like this before from a big e-commerce giant like BMS right? Well what they do now is SKETCH is the same old traditional way but using some tools like //.

When they were asked about the competitors what I was expecting to hear was something like Hotstar, Netflix, or maybe Amazon Videos but yet their biggest competitor was the Box Office Itself.

Discussion Of the Day-

Naiyya Saggi | Founder at BabyChakra

Anand Prabhudesai | Co-founder at Turtlemint

Suyash Katyayani | CTO at Purplle

Naiyya Saggi(extreme left), Anand Prabhudesai(Middle), Suyash Katyayani(Extreme Right) is a fashion website and the speaker had some very interesting numbers and facts to share. There are over 16million mobile growth users across the country and according to google their are almost 70% of mobile devices which were not that good to withstand the fastly updated apps in the Play Store. So well we also have a solution, make the mobile websites as good Enough the app for the same purpose using the newer web technologies and making more responsive mobile websites.

And yes this is what purplle has done with their existing website for mobile here it is-

Its actually amazing and as a user does feel like you are using an actual app, The transitions, animations, Buttons, almost everything.

Then it was Turtle Mint,which is a Online Insurance Platform who targets on the idea of making buying Insurance easy and helps people who are not so comfortable with the insurance companies and plans and Turtle Mint does this via their experienced expertise.

While the talk he addressed people that Insurance policies is not any rocket science and what they are aiming is making people more comfortable and changing the perspective of people towards all this stuff. Anand stated-

1. Direct to consumer channel is must to have channel.
2. Reaching to the product researches using mobile or technology resources is the best way to channelize the entire system.
3.Insurance is a regulated structure and always has a very less time of window of experimentation.

Then comes BabyChakra, The name tells everything about it and Naiyya started her discussion by asking “Who lives in a Nuclear Family and who are parents?”and well this lead her to explain why BabyChakra was the best online platform that connects parents to services and products to make parenting a less tedious affair.

The idea culminated when a lot of her friends became parents. She also noticed multiple facebook groups that were strewn with questions ranging from parenting to paediatrics. Armed with an MBA from Harvard Business School and a law degree from NLS, this young lady is determined to dent the $20 billion maternity-child market. YourStory caught up with Naiyya as she shares her insight about BabyChakra.

And how these things linked to the mobile technologies? Well It’s simple BabyChakra being an online mobile platform the parents who did even had a facebook profile and had no idea to use things like these now turn towards this social platform like BabyChakra to learn and digitise themselves.. I was thoroughly impressed by the aspect of bringing non-social parents, majorly moms to the digitised world and as a result they are very happy as they learn new things like these and here what Mobile Technology comes into play.

We want to make an essential app through digital persona.- Naiyya

The end we realised that almost all the Product Engineers were younger than expected, and what it concludes is these Big Giant startups really wanted is not experience but some talent.

Bonus- Rise Mumbai have some really stunning views. :D