“The world’s my oyster but my family will prefer me to be vegetarian.”

5 years of behind the scenes.

2012: Serendipity caught up with good faith and I got into National University of Singapore (thanks, Sushant!). It took 2 months to convince the family between my result for college, and my first flight of my life. This involves weekly travel to passport office to get my passport process expedited. Got it done in a record time of one month. Went to Singapore, and kept it near the window. Learnt really soon that it rains heavily in Singapore and my passport…

This is for CS3216 class. If you don’t belong to it, please read more here before continuing: https://cs3216.github.io/assignments/seminar/

Discord Landing Page

Among the 10 presentations we had in our class today, Discord was the only one I haven’t had heard before so I was looking forward to it.

The group mentioned that it is:

  1. Available on both web and mobile. Also it is present in around 99 countries which shows it has traction and a mature product.
  2. About the ugly side of this product was no way to search the chats, and no concept of user profile.

3. I loved what the group…

It’s 8 am and you wake up to the feeling of the same nauseous feeling you slept with at 6 am. You can feel the strong Kopi O gyrating in your empty stomach. But you have to work cause the front end design and development is not yet complete and it’s week 3 already so you click on that orange diamond icon on your Mac again. This hangover feel only very few modules can give you and for now, it’s our beloved CS3216.

It’s week 3 and the back end is ready, our team meets up almost every other day…

“What did *some high-profile successful alumni of CS3216* write for this question?”

As a creature of habbit that’s what I googled when I came across this question for the first time. I took my online searching prowess to Google, Quora, Computing blogs, CS3216 blogs, and others to see what they, the overachievers wanted. I found some times interesting, sometimes banal, and sometimes even a prompt to enter password so I couldn’t read their blogs. But most of the time it was the obvious things they wanted which I will talk in the next paragraph, but my motivations are different than…

Plugging in the LAN cable for the first time in my life in the summer of 2012, I remember spending the whole week in my hostel room watching YouTube videos in my room. Dear Ryan videos used to be the reason for my first year all-nighters. It was second nature for me to ignore college parties and binge-watch YouTube during the weekend, it was the start of content over people.

I submerged myself more into the world of JinnyBoyTV (Malaysia), CollegeHumor (US), PewDiePie (Sweden), and then slowly made my way into Epic Rap Battles of History (US), In retrospect, there…

In a nutshell, the way internet customers are charged currently is based on the data usage, no matter which app you use.
Telecoms want to ‘divide’ this internet by applying differential pricing for the apps.

Most of the debate started when Airtel introduced Airtel Zero plan which is a collection of apps (inc. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) handpicked by Airtel which the public can use for free. Technically how they are gonna do it is by monitoring what part of data is being used to access Airtel Zero apps and not charge them for that. This is inherently data discrimination.

Piyush VJani

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