Week 3: CS3216 hangover

It’s 8 am and you wake up to the feeling of the same nauseous feeling you slept with at 6 am. You can feel the strong Kopi O gyrating in your empty stomach. But you have to work cause the front end design and development is not yet complete and it’s week 3 already so you click on that orange diamond icon on your Mac again. This hangover feel only very few modules can give you and for now, it’s our beloved CS3216.

It’s week 3 and the back end is ready, our team meets up almost every other day. Three things which kept surfacing on my mind were:

  1. Parkinson’s Law which states “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.”
  2. Deadlines rule the world without which things go back to point 1.
  3. Use of headphones and Pomodoro technique during work time is underrated.

5. Only the apps which give you superpower and play on your psychology are the ones to succeed and have good retention and be relevant.

Facebook: Makes you feel your opinions are heard

Uber: Makes you feel you have your own chauffeur

Snapchat: Lets you time travel and see what’s happening in your friend’s life with being a creep

4. Taking it forward, I wonder how sometimes people understand the technology change pretty well but they don’t realize the behavior change after technology adoption and what triggered it. When my group was discussing assignment 2 and I mentioned about how Prisma app can change the way movies are made my groupmate mentioned how he will never use it. I retorted how two years back he would never think that they would use Deliveroo at 2 am to enjoy your Friday night watching Netflix in Singapore. Deliveroo charges a lot for delivery but hey it’s 2 am and you’re lazy. (Behavior change: No body one wants to cook and they have now more money to spend.)

Now back to work.

So you are working on the mockup design, and then you get a slack message from CS3216, you’d imagine it would be about a Bitbucket commit but then it won’t be a CS3216 class if it were that easy.

You get a slack notification from your parallel-but-still-going Assignment 2 in which you are supposed to dissect a product and analyse it.

That brings us to our assignment 2.

After a quick discussion, we chose Prsima app. Why? Cause why not?

Getting ready for the assignment

I have been pretty excited about this assignment so I wanted to make a slick presentation for it but doing 7 modules in your last sem (including the heavyweight champion, 5 mc heavy: CS3216), and part time job at Viki didn’t afford me the luxury to spend much time on the presentation but we did a decent job.

One of the exciting part of this assignment was to find “The good, the bad, and the ugly” for this presentation.

Prisma app does a bad job of cropping due to it’s square sized frame

Jumping to Friday night when my friends are using Prisma app to post TGIF photos and I am missing out on the parties and analyzing the technology behind the same app for the presentation. Lovin’ it.

Thoughts on preparing slides which I tell myself and others. This was the reason I had to prepare the slides by myself in the end cause I hate bad presentations (Ugh powerpoint, learn from Sketch!)

  1. Read. Read. Read. and then steal. Because Great Artists Steal. Watch the best designed presentation, watch the contrast in them, the consistency, the spacing, and even the font. Basically, try this:

2. First design it for yourself, then don’t. For yourself, it means make sure this is something you would like to see and the content and the delivery is engaging enough to keep audience attraction. For others, it means the content should be readable at the very least, else the audience will end up squinching their eyes to read the text instead of listening to you. Dont put such cognitive load onto your audience. It matters a lot, nobody will care about your sleepless night if you haven’t been able to present properly. Follow the 10–20–30 rule and make sure the font size is at least 30 points.

3. Make sure there is a takeaway from your presentation or at least 3–5 points which the audience should get from your presentation. Dazzle them! Enlighten them! There is a reason you’re presenting, make it count.

For more beautiful slides, try this, this, and this.

If someone tells you that this design is good or this idea is good, let’s build it out then do not drink the same kool-aid but enjoy the CS3216 hangover.

I would like to end my blogs with book recommendation, for this week it is:

P.S. I missed the first class by Prof Damit on presentation so it’s all my opinions, will add more, got 6 more modules left ;)