One thing that’s interesting here is the hosting of the Library.
steve mcmahon-grace

Oh I never think of that. If I not remember wrongly, I think OneDrive is able to create a shared folder and invite collaborators, then whoever invited and have sync the folder with their OneDrive desktop app, the library.sketch will be synced. Sorry that I’m not really into OneDrive. 😅

Sketch Libraries are the same as a normal Sketch file and you can import it as a Library. It should be works with all the cloud tools.

You inspired me to think about maybe Sketch team can let us upload our library.sketch file into Sketch Cloud and use/update it from there. Maybe this will solve the problem compare to tons of cloud services out there. 👍✨

Currently I’m only using my side project with Sketch Beta alone, haven’t collab with other designers yet. But let’s see how the Libraries will be in the stable release soon! 🤞

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