Nothing-to-Proof Easier Homemade Pizza Dough

In a recent post I’ve already shown you how to simply and easily make great pizza dough. But I’m afraid it’s simpler than that.These days, active dry yeast is pretty reliable stuff. You really don’t need to bring it to life in warm water, let alone baby it with sugar or honey.

  • Just throw the yeast in as a dry ingredient, along with the flour and salt.
  • Stir the dry ingredients with a fork or spoon briefly to evenly distribute.
  • Then add the water and proceed either by hand, as in my previous handmade pizza dough recipe post, or with your stand mixer, as I describe in my Pizza School.

And here’s proof:


If the dough starts to rise zipped in its freezer bag, the gas formed may dry out the dough in spots. This can make it harder to smoothly shape and stretch when it’s finally pizza time.

Although I see instructions to proof pizza dough all over the place, I’m not alone in my assertion. I think the very cool Pizza Therapy Blog will back me up, for instance.

You can see my video of every step of making this great pizza dough by clicking here.

Give it a try. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

And if easier pizza dough leads to making more pizza and making more pizza makes you a better pizza maker, then this isn’t such a small tip.

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