Take a Knee

This protest has nothing to do with the flag, the anthem or the military, and I’m so surprised to see the inability of people to make this distinction. Firstly, the US is one of the only countries to play the anthem at sporting events — most European countries would consider that totalitarian. Secondly, the protest is about police brutality and the disproportionate number of POC who are killed by police and in the grander scheme, I think (not speaking FOR anyone here) the systematically oppressive and racist policies in place and enforced by the police and the state.

Thirdly, the fact that people are making it about patriotism (which is just feel-good nationalism primarily based on a genetic lottery as most of us could have been born anywhere) and not its ACTUAL cause is the epitome of redirecting and white privilege. “Do a peaceful protest,” we say. So they do, and we fault them for it? Legit 1960s red herring.

Finally, let’s be real. Any athlete or person of interest who uses their voice and their platform to bring attention to the plight of the oppressed is doing a noble thing. It’s two minutes out of a damn sports game. Y’all will survive. But this is for those who didn’t, and those who may not.