Best of the Super Juniors XXIII — Day Two.

Day Two of BOSJ 23 kicks off our first four B-Block matches, these matches are presented with a static camera and have no commentary (no loss for us English only speakers) so it’s like we’re sat in the crowd watching the action. It’s a unique experience but one that is likely to not be for everyone, it gives a nice simulation that we’re right there in the crowd watching the action but by the same token I’m not watching it for that experience and some of the spots here cry out for the dynamic camera angles and replays of a broadcast that can allow you to see the small details in a match you might miss when watching it live and in person.

Two of these these four matches, Barreta v Volador Jr. and Will Ospreay (I’ve heard of him) against Kevin Chase, once again function great as introductions to obviously talented wrestlers I’m ashamed to have never heard of. The wrestlers have clearly defined characters that I can process, even without commentary or promos and the matches are often well booked to showcase what makes each wrestler unique in such a way that the other guy is always complemented by that just as much. There were some great showcases of ability, some really exciting spots and moments of such stiffness it looked downright dangerous.

Which is basically what this tournament should be all about.

The most shocking moment of Day Two was seeing Jushin “Thunder” Liger cheat to beat Bobby Fish. Liger left the match limping while Fish just left with his frustrations. Every match of Liger’s at his age could potentially be his last, he’s basically done it all in Japan now anyway and so with every chance this could be his swansong, it’s a pretty sour note to go out on. Although the crowd ate the shit out of it so what do I know, eh?

The biggest disappointment for me was seeing Ricochet failing chemistry class in his opening match with Tiger Mask. Tiger Mask is clearly not in Ricochet’s league, Ricochet clearly isn’t interested in carrying him and so Ricochet basically turns it into a one man band. It’s a pretty exciting one man band, sure, but I’m here to watch a wrestling match not a solo gymnastics display.