Changing my diet after half a lifetime of vegetarianism

It hit me when I was 14 — I didn’t have to eat animals. I’d just started high school and spent most lunch hours with a friend whose family subscribed to a vegetarian diet for religious reasons. I’d never thought about becoming a vegetarian before — I loved animals, but had never met anyone that actively didn’t eat them, let alone someone my age. With the newfound feeling of high school independence, I made the decision: I was going to stop eating meat.

It wasn’t the easiest transition — first, I stopped eating red meat. Then chicken a few weeks…

I’m about to sign up for improv classes. I’m scared shitless… and that right there is why I’m signing up for improv classes.

I’m an introvert — there’s no denying that. Big groups, small talk and constantly thinking on my feet are an energy drain like no other.

What I believed improv to be — naturally funny people (or painfully unfunny people who think they’re funny) trying to outdo each other to get a laugh — was aligned with everything I feared: spontaneity in a big group setting, potential embarrassment in front of strangers, putting myself in the spotlight. In…

Credit: Real Fellowship blog

Week Four began with a Monday morning founder talk with Jeff Dungen, Founder & CEO of reelyActive, a start-up founded in 2012 that enables Smart Spaces through a hardware infrastructure that identifies and locates people and objects via low-power wireless devices they carry. This has been used for smart parking, ambient social networking, race checkpoints, home automation, attendance and real-time location.

It took Jeff a lot of hard lessons to build a successful company. As an engineer, it takes much more then technical know-how to double as an entrepreneur. Knowing how to pitch, persuade and communicate why your product matters…

The focus of Week 3 of the Real Fellowship was something near and dear to my heart: design. I won’t get into the specifics of the projects that I’m working on with Transit, but will mention that I’ve started using Sketch to replace Photoshop. So far it’s been a dream — a few bugs here and there but features like symbols and shared styles have really sped up my workflow.

“Few people think about it or are aware of it. But there is nothing made by human beings that does not involve a design decision somewhere.” …

Or: Why I Embrace Failing Fast and Failing Quickly

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Fail fast and fail quickly. A key lesson for week two of the fellowship was the importance of iteration, experimentation and failure. It’s quite liberating to do things that are, well, bad right off the bat, to get those ideas out of the way and fail quickly in order to realize that those ideas don’t work. In many jobs I’ve had, you’re often expected to create a perfect design/idea/whatever in the first go. You fear that if your first attempt isn’t perfect, those above you might doubt your abilities and it becomes a direct…

Or: Why I Went Back to Learning Full-Time for 10 Weeks

When I moved back to Canada from London six months ago, I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do next, let alone how to get there, wherever there was. I’d just spent an awesome two years working for Microsoft’s Soho Productions studio in London, doing motion graphics design for interactive projects on Xbox + Kinect, including Kinect Sesame Street TV and Upload Studio. It was an incredible learning experience and I worked with some truly talented people, but it was time to return home (mostly thanks to my Visa expiration…). …

Steph Parrott

Canadian in San Francisco. Product Designer @ Square.

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