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September 4, 2008

Federal court blocks beef exporter from testing for mad cow disease — From Boing Boing

Here is one more chip from the old blog:

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from Boing Boing by Mark Frauenfelder

Pizzarebbe apologizes for having missed this interesting post for four days and having deprived you of it.

The fact is, Cory Doctorow blog is so good that I should repost it here it in toto, which is obviously not the right way to go about it, so I just invite you here to subscribe to Boing Boing yourselves too. Bravo Cory, Bravo Mark, Bravo the rest of the team. Boing Boing is a great blog, and thanks to David Orban for turning me on to it.

Eliahu Gal-Or the Pizza Rebbe

Mark Frauenfelder’s article begins here:

The USDA tests 1% of cattle of mad cow disease. Kansas-based Creekstone Farms Premium Beef exporters wants to test 100% of its cattle for mad cow disease. But the Bush administration took Creekstone to court, and a US federal appeals court ruled that the USDA has the authority to stop meatpackers from testing more than 1% of its cattle.

The dispute pits the Agriculture Department, which tests about 1 percent of cows for the potentially deadly disease, against a Kansas meat packer that wants to test all its animals.Larger meat packers opposed such testing. If Creekstone Farms Premium Beef began advertising that its cows have all been tested, other companies fear they too will have to conduct the expensive tests.

The AP reports that “The Bush administration says the low level of testing reflects the rareness of the disease.” The Bush administration should apply the same logic to the TSA. Terrorists are extremely rare, so only 1% of passengers ought to be checked by airport security. 

Pizzarebbe humbly suggests that, since I know we don’t have such absurd laws in Israel, to prevent a citizen from performing a socially useful task, Israeli meat packers, despite knowing already that we have no Mad Cow Disease, should test all the locally raised livestock and certify it for export, thus bringing a staggering contribution to our economy.

My blog is coming back too, but Medium is really great, so I’ll still be around.

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