Calculating The Best Pizza

Solving for x where x = Open + Yummy + Fast + ❤

When you order a pizza with PizzaTheApp, our goal is simple: get you the most delicious and fastest pizza possible, wherever you are, any time of day. With a single tap on your phone!

How do we actually pull this off?

To start with, we work with some of the best pizzerias in town — local pizzerias with great pizza and quick service. When you place an order with us, we contact the best pizzeria that’s open near you, and they get to work baking and delivering your pizza.

So the question is — when you order a pizza, how do we pick the right pizzeria for you?

1. Open > Closed

We have found that pizzerias that are open serve much better pizza than ones that are closed.

First, we check our list to see what places are open. If 4 places near you are closed, we know a 5th one that’s open.

2. Good > Bad

A good looking ……piece of pizza.

Next, we look at quality scores of each pizzeria. Just ‘cuz a place is open doesn’t mean they’re good, so we only consider pizzerias with at least 3 stars — that’s our minimum.

3. Close > Far

That moment when the doorbell rings.

Faster pizza is better pizza, and closer pizza is faster pizza.

So we find the highest-rated pizzeria that’s open within 1 mile; if all the good ones are closed, we expand our search to 2 miles.

4. The Secret Sauce: You

My name is Bill and I approve this pizza.

We’re always learning from you.

If we hear from you that a particular pizza was particularly AWESOME, we’ll bump up their score in our database.

Think of us like your super cool friend who’s good at math and eats multiple pizzas everyday, and as a result, knows the best option for pizza in every neighborhood.

That’s it! No more “sorry, please hold for 2 minutes.” or “we’re out of that” or “sorry, your order doesn’t meet the delivery minimum, would you like chicken wings?” Pizza is now as easy as it should be ☺

We love hearing from you!! Please keep sending gifs, pics, snapchats, and Yo’s.

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