Top Ten Questions To Streamline The Painting Project!

Marlton is the hotspot for real estate. It has every category of homes available in the vicinity. To paint or repaint homes is a daunting task. Before hiring a painting contractor, home owners are confused and skeptical. It is difficult to settle down with one particular painting company, when there are many competing in the market.

Painting services in Marlton

Various aspects should be considered before finalizing any painting deal, in order to complete the job seamlessly. Below is a list of top ten inevitable questions. Answers to these will help take wiser painting decisions.

Q1. How long has your company been in business?

Do not miss out on asking this question. It is advised to go with a painting company with minimum 5 years of experience. This will give homeowners the assurance of successful project completion.

Q2. Are sub contractors involved in the task?

Get this point cleared right at the beginning. Involvement of subcontractors can leave your home in unprofessional and inefficient hands. Such contractors also quote low estimates for their services as unskilled and inexperienced workers are deployed for the job.

Q3. Do you offer a warranty and are your workers insured under Workman’s Compensation Insurance?

A reputed painting company will always provide customers a warranty for the job done. The items to be covered in the warranty must include materials and labor. In addition to that do not miss out on verifying if the workers are covered under an active Workers Compensation Insurance policy.

Q4. Can you share any past references?

References are the best way to gather real time information about the recent projects completed by the painting contractor. Short discussions with some of the past references are beneficial.

Q5. Ask the company to share the picture portfolio?

Pictures can help determine the quality of job undertaken by the painting company. Observe the pictures and look for clean-cut lines in the corner, they speak about perfection.

Q6. Ask if the contractor is licensed?

Licensed painting contractors are known to fulfill basic requirements essential for a painting business. It is important for homeowners to know, if the company is licensed in order to be rest assured about quality and basic standards.

Q7. How will the house be prepped for painting?

Base is very important for any paint job. It is necessary for homeowners to understand in detail about the process of prepping the house for a paint job. This ensures detailing and a strong foundation.

Q8. What will be the overall budget?

Information is on our finger tips. Make sure to compare prices on the internet based on your requirement. Also make sure that the payment schedule is designed in advance to avoid any misunderstandings in the future.

Pro tip: Do not get carried away by low prices, as that is not the sole criteria to look out while hiring a painting contractor.

Q9. Brief about the final clean up?

Homeowners might take cleaning for granted. But until and unless it is stipulated in the contract, there are chances that the contractor might not dispose trash on completion of the project. Including the minutest of detail in writing will save your efforts in future.

Q10. Number of workers deployed for the job?

Understanding the number of workers to be deployed beforehand will give an idea about the project completion duration.

We understand that painting is a service and not a commodity. Hence, it is important to be well acquainted with all the necessary information.

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