Let Me Coach You on How to Be Successful Like Me When You Clearly Have None of the Privileges That Got Me Here

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When I hit the six figure mark in my career before the age of 28, I started thinking about how I could give back to the less business savvy souls in my industry. I decided launching a coaching business would be the best use of my gifts. I mean, who better than me to mentor the next generation of girlbosses?

For just $150 an hour, I will work with struggling she-e-o’s to help them build their empires (that’s less than most therapists charge for a session!)

You’ll bring your business woes, I’ll bring my high-level vibes, and together, we’ll dig deep and find out what is really keeping you from hitting that major breakthrough in your biz and achieving the success you deserve.

For my loyal followers, I’m offering a sneak peek at coaching. In it, you’ll find my secret sauce (Ivy League education and financial ability to take on 7 unpaid internships and attend conferences in Miami not included, LOL) to manifesting $10K months in your business.

Just listen to my podcast and subscribe to my Patreon for $54/month to learn the exact steps I took to be the boss babe I am today. If you follow them to a T, you just might be as successful as me. But probably not because if you were me you wouldn’t be paying someone to promise to tell you how to kill it at your job. You’d let Yale do that.

Somewhere inside of you is a millionaire just waiting to come out. So what are you waiting for, queens? This is the sign you have been searching for. It’s time to step into your power and play big on this totally level playing field.

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