ART FAIR PHILIPPINES 2016: An Experience

Proof of visit in the Art Fair 2016

1.(A) The name of the gallery that I chose is Archivo 1984 Gallery and the artist is Jetro Vin B. Rafael.

1.(B) The materials that he used in his gallery are newspapers, oil and canvas and threads.

1.(C) The art works that he exhibited in his gallery is about more than 20.

1.(D) He designed his gallery based on his bedroom.


For me, the artworks of Mark Justiniani, it was something about illusion. He puts some mirror under or behind the object just to make illusion like to get deeper. I was amaze in his artworks because I felt like I go to another dimension. As I leave his gallery, I saw the past and the future.

For the artwork of Marthe Atienza, it was about the waves of the ocean. I feel that I’m in the middle of the ocean alone. As I engage myself to the artwork I feel relax and calm. In the end I was confused because of his artwork. It was digital, suppostedly the artworks ate made in canvas. These art is not the typical artwork that you see in museums.

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